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Protecting What Matters Most


Locum Tenens Physicians Can Save on Disability Insurance

As a locum tenens physician, where, when and how long you work in any given situation is always changing. In fact, it could be said your professional life is defined by change.

Working “locum tenens” can have advantages for many physicians, offering flexibility and certain freedoms you would not have otherwise.

However, as a locum tenens physician you are considered an independent contractor, and unlike an employed physician with a benefits package, it is your responsibility to provide your own insurance.

Independent Contractors Need Income Protection

One important type of coverage for locum tenens physicians is disability insurance. Why? Because as an independent contractor your income depends on your ability to work. If you were to become ill or injured and couldn’t work for a long period of time, your income stream would dry up.

How would you then pay your bills, your living expenses, or even keep up your student loan payments? Would you have to deplete your savings or investment funds?

Disability insurance can help provide income at just such a time. That’s why it’s considered an essential form of insurance coverage.

You Don’t Need to Work “Full-Time” to Get a Group Plan

At TMA Insurance Trust, we understand the unique insurance needs of locum tenens physicians. We have decades of experience helping Texas physicians in every field – including locum tenens. And we can help you find disability coverage that works best for you and your family.

If you’re a TMA member, we can provide you with a number of disability insurance options from nationally known carriers – often more than other insurance agents can offer. And even though you may not be a “full-time employee” we can still help you secure a group plan.

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A Group Plan With an Extra 25% Savings

One of the hallmarks of a group plan is that it can be more affordable – because it typically features lower group rates. As a TMA Member, you can easily apply for the TMA Member Long Term Disability Plan issued by The Prudential Insurance Company of America.

On top of a cost-effective group rate, the TMA Member Long Term Disability Plan also comes with a 25% Thank You Credit.* This further reduces premium rates by an additional 25%.

You’ll Have a Plan That’s Portable

Another advantage of having your own disability insurance plan is that it’s portable. That means you can take it with you as you move from one work situation to another. So even if your income isn’t steady or predictable, you’ll have the security of knowing you’re helping to protect your family and finances wherever your career path may lead.

Top Plans For Members and Nonmembers

Our knowledgeable advisors are available to help you find a plan that fits your needs and your budget. They’ll be happy to provide quotes from leading national carriers – for both members and nonmembers.

They do not receive sales-based commissions, so you can count on the fact that their advice will always be unbiased. Their goal is to provide you with the best guidance and recommendations so you can make the right decisions for yourself and your family.

Find Your Best Options – Speak With an Advisor Now

As a locum tenens physician we recognize the valuable work you provide to the medical community and the people of Texas, and we want to help ensure that every Texas physician can have a financial safety net in place should an adverse health event put their income at risk.

For a cost-free consultation, call one of our advisors today at 1-800-880-8181.

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For over 60 years, TMA Insurance Trust advisors have been serving Texas physicians, their families and staff. TMA Insurance Trust prides itself on offering unbiased information and strategies to members, along with exclusive group rates on a range of the highest-rated plans in the industry.

Speak with a TMA Insurance Trust Advisor:

* Effective 8/1/2019, TMA Insurance Trust is able to provide participants with a premium credit of 25% that will be applied to their billing invoices, effectively decreasing the amount of their premium payments by 25%. This complimentary premium credit is provided at the sole discretion of the TMA Insurance Trust, is not guaranteed for future years, and will be subject to periodic review and evaluation.
TMA Member Long Term Disability plan is issued by The Prudential Insurance Company of America, Newark, NJ. The Booklet-certificate contains all details, including any policy exclusions, limitations and restrictions, which may apply. CA COA #1179, NAIC #68241. Contract Series 83500.


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