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Long Term Care Insurance

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Each year, we see a rise in healthcare costs here in America. While many of us won’t use long-term care insurance until our latter years, the key is securing it during our younger years, while while premiums are lower and you are in healthy enough to qualify for coverage. As health begins to deteriorate with age, it is crucial to have a plan in place should you require practical in-home or facility care.

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The average annual cost of a private room within a nursing facility in the state of Texas is $68,000

It is easy to see how one’s assets and tangible resources can be dramatically affected if insurance protection isn’t in place.

With the length of nursing home stays averaging 2.5 years, it is clear to see a substantial amount of money is necessary to receive proper daily care. With long-term care insurance, you can spend your savings or retirement funds on just that…retirement and let your insurance plan take care of unexpected long-term care expenses.

Cost of Care

For those who do experience an unexpected illness or injury, the desire to stay in their home is immense but can place a financial hardship on some families if this expense is paid for out-of-pocket.

According to a recent cost of care survey, in-home care can average:

Today, men and women are living longer, increasing the possibility of needing long-term care.

With Americans spending almost $50 billion out-of-pocket annually for long-term care costs, protect yourself, your family, your assets and your hard-earned money by investing in an insurance plan that covers your daily care expenses.

How We Can Help

The skilled advisors at TMA Insurance Trust have worked with countless Texas physicians, helping them select an ideal long-term care plan that suits their specific needs. We do the research and present you with a wide range of possibilities. Choose the coverage you need and rest assured you are adequately prepared for the future.

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Charles Volk, MD

“I want to thank you for your help. Having a loved one in treatment is stressful enough; insurance coverage questions intensify the stress. The work you all do is so reassuring.”

Carole Morehead

“I want to take a moment to tell you how positive this experience has been. I truly appreciate the efficiency, communication and quick response.”

Brenda Magnuson, MD

"I really appreciate your help and support All of this becomes so complex and represents a daunting task for staying abreast of what’s happening and the implications. Your support is extremely helpful and much appreciated!”

Bill Burton, MD

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