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TMAIT Annual Reports

TMAIT’s long record of financial stability supports our mission to help Texas physicians get the insurance coverage that’s right for them, their families, and their practices.

2014 Annual Report

In our 2014 Annual Report, we recap the last year and look into a future in which the Affordable Care Act (ACA) remains in flux even as it has become a reality.

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2013 Annual Report

2013 was an extremely interesting and challenging year for the Texas Medical Association Insurance Trust, as it was for all insurance organizations in the United States. As indicated in the 2012 Annual Report, 2013 truly was the “end of the beginning” of a new era of health care reform. With most of the remaining requirements of the Affordable Care Act going into effect on Jan. 1, 2014, we have finally reached the “beginning of the beginning” of this new era with all of the attendant confusion, problems, changes, and opportunities.

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2012 Annual Report

In spite of the many challenges and changes that have occurred in the association insurance market and the medical profession during the last 10 years, the package of products TMAIT provides its membership continues to grow in value.

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2011 Annual Report

Despite a year of volatility in 2011, TMAIT was able to continue to provide its members with reduced rates and enhanced benefits. The Trust's Premium Stabilization Fund also remains strong at just over $87 million.

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2010 Annual Report

2010 was a good year for TMAIT, and members benefitted from a strategic decision by the Trustees to use excess funds to lower rates, improve benefits, and delay rate increases.

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2009 Annual Report

Despite a rocky economy, TMAIT experienced another good year in 2009. TMAIT continues to strengthen and, once again, we can report that the organization is stronger than ever.

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2008 Annual Report

Financially, 2008 was another successful year for TMAIT. The program experienced an operating gain of more than $6 million.

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2007 Annual Report

Find out how TMAIT utilized premium dollars to better meet the needs of TMA members in one of the organization’s strongest years to date.

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2006 Annual Report

Find out how TMAIT utilized premium dollars to better meet the needs of TMA members in one of the organization’s strongest years to date.

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2005 Annual Report

As TMAIT celebrated its 50th anniversary, the board was happy to announce, “The Trust continues to strengthen and . . . is the strongest it has ever been.”

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2004 Annual Report

2004 was a relatively calm year for the Trust. Health-insurance costs continue to increase, and we continue to meet our goal of helping the physicians of Texas to get the quality, cost-effective coverage they need.

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2003 Annual Report

The 2003 annual report includes coverage of how the TMAIT program’s financial strength increases, the smooth transition from Aetna to BCBSTX as carrier for the Trust medical plan, and an example of why TMAIT service is unique.

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2002 Annual Report

In the 2002 annual report, TMAIT reviews another busy and challenging year, which included a decision by the TMAIT trustees to change carriers for the Trust medical plan.

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