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About Us


We are
TMA Insurance Trust.

Since 1955, TMA Insurance Trust has served as trusted advisors for Texas physicians, their families, and their employees.

Created and exclusively endorsed by the Texas Medical Association, we at TMA Insurance Trust are proud to partner with TMA member physicians to meet their personal insurance needs and help protect their livelihood. We walk alongside physicians throughout their entire career journey from medical school to residency and all the way through to retirement.

Serving Texas for Sixty Years.

We are honored to have walked alongside Texas physicians throughout every stage of their careers for over six decades. Serving you is all that we do, and we couldn't be more proud to be celebrating 60 years of doing it.

Personal Service for TMA Members

In an industry that is largely commission based, it can be hard to know if the insurance you're being sold is what's best for you, or the agent selling it. All TMA Insurance Trust employees are salaried, motivated only by excellence, while providing customers with sound advice they can trust. Collectively, our agents have hundreds of years of experience working with, and for, Texas physicians.

Over the past 60 years, we've faced a number of challenges, all of which have made us, and our partnerships with our customers, insurance companies and consultants, stronger. Our seasoned advisors have seen it all throughout the years, and have a working knowledge of what each insurance company has to offer. This, coupled with a genuine desire to meet the needs of our members, is what makes TMA Insurance Trust one of a kind.