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Protecting What Matters Most


You May Already Have Disability Insurance From Your Employer – Here’s Why You May Need More

14 May 2022
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Disability Insurance–An Income Protection Strategy for Independent Physicians

7 May 2022

As an independent physician, obtaining disability coverage at the beginning of your career is a smart decision. Many colleagues counsel younger physicians to do so because of the income protection it can provide. As time passes and your salary increases, are you making sure your income protection is increasing with it? 

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Important Information for Texas Physicians Working Past Age 65

30 April 2022

If you are like many physicians, you may plan on practicing well past your 65th birthday. For many physicians, medicine is more than a career, it is a calling. There are few professions as emotionally, intellectually, and financially rewarding as medicine. So, it is understandable why after decades refining your skills and improving countless lives, you may not yet be ready to stop doing what you love.

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You’re Seriously Ill. You Can’t Work. What’s Your Plan For Your Practice?

23 April 2022

Do you remember why you chose to become a practice owner? One reason is likely because you value your independence – being able to run your own practice and career the way you see fit.

But with that freedom comes the responsibility of managing what amounts to a small business. You must be at the helm day in and day out to see that everything runs smoothly.

So what would happen if you were seriously ill or injured and couldn’t work for a long stretch of time? How would your expenses be paid? Who would care for your patients? How would your practice survive financially?

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Don’t Skip This Step When You Look For Disability Insurance

23 April 2022

The last few years have taught us that staying healthy can be a daily challenge. As a physician, no one understands this more than you.

As a result, now more than ever, we want to help Texas physicians have the best protection in place for themselves and their families.

A top priority for most physicians right now is disability insurance. Here are some points to consider.

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What Happens To Your Insurance When You Retire?

20 April 2022

Sooner or later, we all start to think about retirement. You have probably been setting aside funds for a comfortable and secure retirement for many years. Retirement brings many changes. Changes to your daily routine. Changes to how you use your time. Changes to how you deal with your finances. Did you know retirement also brings significant changes to your insurance needs?

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Group Health Insurance: Get Better Coverage and Better Service with TMA Insurance Trust

13 April 2022

As a busy physician, when it comes time for renewal, it may seem easier to continue the group health insurance plan you’ve always had, with the same insurance agent you’ve always used. TMA Insurance Trust understands that demands on your time could be causing you to miss out on better coverage and better service

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Valuable Insurance Benefits for Locum Tenens Physicians Living in Texas

9 April 2022

If you are a Texas physician working as a locum tenens, you are not alone. By some estimates, there are over 50,000 physicians working as locum tenens across the United States and the market for locum tenens is expected to grow at 6% annually.

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