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Protecting What Matters Most


Help Protect Your Income with TMA Member Short Term Disability Insurance

30 September 2023
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Group Health Coverage - Last Chance to Lock in 2023 Rates

23 September 2023

The current climate of inflation predicts a significant increase in all health insurance premium rates for 2024. Whether you are an independent physician or a practice owner who buys your own coverage, any increase in your health insurance premiums would be challenging to anticipate. In order to obtain better health insurance for most of 2024, we are offering physicians the opportunity to lock in lower 2023 group health insurance rates now for the next 12 months.

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Guaranteed Income Protection with The TMA Member Short Term Disability Insurance Plan

16 September 2023

Physicians invest years in rigorous education and training, committing themselves to the welfare of their patients. However, amidst their relentless pursuit of healing, one aspect often gets overshadowed: their own well-being. This is where short-term disability insurance emerges as a crucial financial safeguard. By investing in short-term disability insurance, physicians can empower themselves with a safety net that can help provide vital income protection during unexpected health challenges or when planning for the future.

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Protect Your Health and Retirement with a Medicare Supplement Plan

9 September 2023

Americans are living longer and healthier lives. That is due in part to our access to essential healthcare. As you age, finding the right Medicare supplement plan is a key component to acquiring the healthcare you need later in life. TMA Insurance Trust can help you decipher the complexities of Medicare so you can make informed decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

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Protect Your Assets with Personal Umbrella Liability Insurance

2 September 2023

Many prioritize building wealth and manage it by means of investments and portfolios. Often forgotten is the need to protect the funds you have already worked so hard to accrue. All it would take is one tragic accident in which you are held responsible for damages or bodily injuries to jeopardize your finances. TMA Insurance Trust can help you secure a personal umbrella insurance policy that can provide the extra protection you need when your homeowner’s or car insurance reaches its liability limit.

If such an unfortunate event were to occur, as a physician, you run a high risk of being the target of a lawsuit. Although you may have already sought professional liability protection, a personal umbrella insurance policy can protect your personal wealth, your spouse, and your practice by providing an extra layer of financial protection.

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Get Guaranteed Acceptance For The New TMA Member Short Term Disability Plan

26 August 2023

As young physicians embark on their medical careers, it is essential to prioritize their financial well-being and future security. Short term disability insurance is a crucial safety net that can help provide financial support during periods of medical leave when you are unable to earn your regular salary.

We are proud to introduce the TMA Member Short Term Disability Plan, issued by The Prudential Insurance Company of America, as an affordable, guaranteed way for residents and young physicians to access vital income insurance protection.

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Empowering Independents: Get Group PPO Coverage With or Without Employees

19 August 2023

The word independent holds diverse interpretations for different individuals, making it a subjective and multifaceted concept. To many people, the definition of an independent physician used to mean a practice owner. Today, that definition is not so clear-cut. More physicians are desiring to practice as medical professionals without taking on the ongoing responsibilities of business ownership.

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Protect Your Teeth and Your Wallet

12 August 2023

Protecting your oral health is an essential step to managing your overall health. Unfortunately, in this economy, many are forced to choose between going to the dentist or protecting their wallet. Thus, due to cost, many avoid going to the dentist. TMA Insurance Trust can help protect both your wallet and your oral health by offering you an economical way to secure dental coverage.

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