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Business Overhead Expense Insurance

Keep your practice running

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As a physician, whether you are just starting your own practice or have had one in operation for years, you are aware of the substantial cost involved in keeping the doors open. From salaries and rent to utilities and taxes, running a business is expensive and involves multiple factors.

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Have you ever asked what would happen to your practice if you were to suffer a disabling illness or injury?

As a physician with a loyal following of patients, you would never want to be in the position where you had to close the doors of your practice. Thankfully, with Business Overhead Expense Insurance, issued by The Prudential Insurance Company of America, you will receive funds to help keep the operation running.

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Designed to help you pay employee salaries, rent, business insurance premiums, utilities and additional practice expenses, this insurance offers security to everyone involved – your staff, your patients, your partners and you. In addition, Business Overhead Expense Insurance can prevent you from having to use personal savings or long-term disability benefits to help cover expenses while you heal.

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TMA Member Business Overhead Expense coverage is issued by The Prudential Insurance Company of America, Newark, NJ. The Booklet-Certificate contains all plan information, including limitations and exclusions. Contract Series 83500

Why You May Need Business Overhead Expense Insurance

Business Overhead Expense Insurance helps keep your business running, even when you cannot be there. While many of us do not want to think about a serious illness or injury occurring, the reality is they can and do happen.

  • According to Disabilitycanhappen.org, the average person has up to a 24% chance of becoming disabled for three months or longer during their working career.

  • The average disability length, should an unexpected illness or injury occur, is 31.6 months.

  • According to the Medical Group Management Association, overhead for a primary care physician’s practice is almost 60% of revenue.

With these statistics on disability and over half of revenue being spent on overhead expenses, it is clear to see why a security net for your practice is crucial. Fortunately, protecting your business, staff, patients and savings is simple.

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How We Can Help

Don’t let your practice endure hardship should you personally face an unexpected one. Keep your business running smoothly with our help.

With the help of TMA Insurance Trust, a Business Overhead Expense Insurance solution is within your reach. Designed exclusively for TMA member physicians, these plans can allow for up to two years of coverage, in addition to including an option to increase coverage without a medical exam. And as a physician, you will be pleased to learn that any claims review or underwriting disputes are conducted by a board of fellow physicians.

Get complete coverage to go with your business overhead insurance.

TMA Insurance Trust provides comprehensive coverage for all of your personal insurance needs as a Texas physician. Consider exploring these related product types to ensure your coverage portfolio is complete.