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Group Life Insurance

Give your team the protection they deserve

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Life insurance is an attractive employee benefit that can help keep your practice secure and help you retain quality employees. In addition, employees will be pleased to learn that many employer-sponsored life insurance plans do not require members to undergo a paramedical exam. Offering group life insurance as part of your employee benefit package may improve overall employee satisfaction.

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How Will this Benefit Impact My Practice?

As an employer, you have the flexibility of paying an employee’s full life insurance premium, paying a portion of the premium, or offering the benefit as voluntary / self-paid. Depending on your unique situation, our trusted advisors who are experienced in group life insurance options for Texas physicians can help you decide whether an employer-paid or voluntary option works best.

Life Insurance Statistics

A recent BenefitTrends study found that:

agree that benefits gives them peace of mind.

Benefits can improve the overall satisfaction of your employees. According to the study, 73% of employees agree that having insurance and benefits gives them peace of mind for the unexpected.

more likely to be satisfied with their jobs overall

Employees who report being very satisfied with their benefits are four times more likely to also be very satisfied with their jobs overall.

How We Can Help

TMA Insurance Trust offers a hassle-free group life insurance solution to its members.

This plan allows your employees to secure up to $500,000 in life insurance coverage, with no paramedical exam required. Coverage amounts in excess of $500,00 are also available, but do require a medical exam to be completed by the applicant.

As one of the most sought after benefits by employees, improve the quality and satisfaction of your employees by offering a comprehensive benefit package that includes life insurance.

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Dr. Irma Martin

Get complete coverage to go with your group life insurance.

TMA Insurance Trust provides comprehensive coverage for all of your personal insurance needs as a Texas physician. Consider exploring these related product types to ensure your coverage portfolio is complete.