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Protecting What Matters Most


An Important Question All Independent Physicians Need to Ask Themselves

6 January 2018

If you can’t work, how will your practice?

It takes a lot of planning, dedication, time and money to make a medical practice work efficiently and profitably. But if a disability should strike, you might be unable to work for an extended period of time. Without the right disability insurance, everything you have worked so hard to achieve could be lost.

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Financial Protection for Independent Physicians

19 August 2017

One of the many points of pride for Texas is the number of independent physicians who practice in the Lone Star State. Although an increasing number of physicians across the country are leaving private practice to become hospital employees, many Texas physicians are able to retain their independence. According to the 2016 TMA Physician survey, 26% of those surveyed are in solo practice, another 22% are group practice owners who are co-owners or shareholders and 5% are in partnerships.*

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The Missing Piece in Your Disability Coverage Could Cost You

8 July 2017

Like many physicians, you may believe that your individual long-term disability insurance and savings would help protect you, if you were unable to work due to an illness or injury. But individual disability benefits are designed to cover your personal and family expenses, not pay overhead expenses for your practice.

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Protect Your Financial Independence with Business Overhead Expense Coverage

1 October 2016

As Texans, we treasure our independence, and it shows. In Texas, 63% of physicians are independent, either in a solo or small practice of no more than three physicians. But as the saying goes, ‘responsibility is the price of freedom.’ The burden of financial responsibility can be a heavy one for physicians, especially independent or solo practitioners.

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