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Protecting What Matters Most


Start the New Year Right With Home and Auto Insurance Savings

10 December 2022

For most of us, the holidays are a joyous, yet expensive time of year. By the time January begins, we’re ready for a fresh start, and welcome the idea of saving money instead of spending. For physicians in Texas, these savings could be easy! May we suggest getting a quote through TMA Insurance Trust on your home and auto insurance, and finding out how much you can save?

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Don’t Overpay For Home and Auto Coverage

15 October 2022

Winter is once again on its way. And with it comes the threat of severe weather and the risk of accidents on the road and damage to your property. 

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Enjoy Summer Savings on Your Auto Insurance

11 June 2022

Here in Texas, we enjoy our beautiful sunny weather, and we’re happy that winter is over! Beautiful weather often means outdoor activities and more driving. As you spend more time in your vehicle, could you be saving money as well? This week we’ll discuss several savvy ways you could save on your auto insurance premium.

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Ten Ways to Save on Your Auto Insurance in 2021

19 December 2020

Though 2020 will always be remembered (for obvious reasons), it’s safe to say that we’re all ready for a fresh start in 2021. Many Texans are embracing the new year by setting goals and resolutions. We may set a goal to exercise daily, read a book each month, stay in touch with extended family, or learn to play an instrument. For others, the goal of saving money is both practical and necessary.

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It’s Time to See if You Can Save on Your Auto and Home Insurance

24 October 2020

If you can spend less and receive the same benefits, why not save money? Especially during these challenging times, saving money on essential items is important. One way to grab easy savings is to see if you are paying too much for your automobile and homeowners insurance.

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Are You Spending More than You Need to for Auto and Home Insurance?

27 June 2020

As a physician, you likely have a better income than many, but that’s no reason to spend more than you need to on auto or home insurance. Even if you were happy with your rate when you secured your policy, it is subject to change. Perhaps you may be paying more now than you did at that time. Why not take a look? You may be surprised at the savings.

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Are You Overpaying For Auto Insurance?

14 September 2019

A recent survey by the financial website NerdWallet.com shows that American drivers are overpaying an average of $368 a year for auto insurance. One reason could be that auto insurance carriers change their rates many times throughout the year to account for different risk factors.

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How You Can Save A Bundle On Insurance - One Member’s Story

29 June 2019

No one understands Texas physicians better than the TMA - that’s why, in 1955, the TMA Insurance Trust was founded. Our goal is to take care of your needs like no other insurance company can. One of the ways we are striving to do this is by expanding our coverage and making more insurance products available to our valuable members.

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