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Stay Safe, Play Smart: Help Protect Your Adventures with Accident Insurance

8 June 2024

Spring and summer breaks bring families outdoors for more physical activities. From summer camps and sports leagues to backyard barbecues, many take advantage of promising days filled with sunshine and nights around campfires. Yet, alongside these moments of joy, there's a sobering reality: this is the season when hospitals see many people treated for sports and adventure-related injuries each year.

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Dental Insurance: A Wise Choice for Your Health and Finances

1 June 2024

Physicians have a profound understanding of the intricate connections within the human body, recognizing that issues in one area can have repercussions throughout the whole body. This principle applies equally to oral health, which isn't just about a bright white smile - it also plays a pivotal role in our overall well-being.

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Accessible and Affordable TMA Member Disability Insurance for Women Physicians

25 May 2024

Insurance is a fundamental tool for protecting what matters most in our daily lives and careers. Disability insurance, in particular, is essential to help safeguard your income in case of illness or injury that prevents you from practicing. However, this indispensable tool may come at a higher cost for women physicians due to gender-based pricing differences.

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Strategies for Success in Locum Tenens and Contracting Careers

11 May 2024

Physicians are discovering exciting opportunities in alternative career paths as the medical field evolves. Locum tenens and contracting roles stand out for their flexibility and increased earning potential, drawing in practitioners seeking greater freedom in their professional and personal lives.

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Comprehensive Disability Insurance Coverage: The Strategy of Stacking and Laddering

2 May 2024

As your career as a physician progresses, the need for a comprehensive income replacement strategy becomes greater. While you may have had enough coverage in the early stages, it may no longer suffice as your income has grown and your financial responsibilities have increased. This is where the strategy of "stacking" or "laddering" disability insurance policies can provide a cost-effective solution to enhance coverage without replacing existing policies.

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A Financial Safety Net for Life's Unexpected Events

13 January 2024

When an accident occurs, the unexpected expenses that follow could catch you off guard. Despite having health insurance, the costs of lab tests, x-rays, professional fees, and other medical expenses and non-medical expenses can accumulate quickly and leave you financially exposed.

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Dental Insurance: Opening Doors to Better Health and Savings

6 January 2024

Most physicians would agree that health insurance is necessary coverage, but because of the expense, dental insurance may not be prioritized, especially if you are already maintaining a regular at home dental regimen, such as brushing and flossing. However, overlooking dental insurance can delay regular checkups and create a gap in safeguarding your overall health, potentially leading to more significant expenses in the future.

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Locum Tenens Physicians: Get the Insurance Benefits You Deserve

30 December 2023

As an independent locum tenens physician, you enjoy many benefits. Due to the shortage of physicians in Texas, your skills are in great demand. You get to decide when and where you want to work. And you don’t have to wait around for insurance reimbursements to get paid.

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