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Protecting What Matters Most


Don't Let An Injury Injure Your Practice

4 April 2023

As a physician, you have invested much time, effort, and expense in growing your independent practice. At a moment's notice, an injury or unexpected illness can have devastating effects on what you have painstakingly built up. Now is the time to help protect your practice from financial injury. Business Overhead Expense Insurance (BOE) is disability insurance designed to cover the expenses of your practice when you are unable to work due to a covered illness or injury.

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Special Insurance Savings For Women

3 September 2022

Most people know that insurance is there to help protect what’s important in our personal and professional lives. But as a woman physician what you might not know is that the pricing for certain kinds of insurance can be different for women than it is for men.

That’s because in many cases, premiums for insurance products are based on the gender of the person seeking coverage. And often, women bear higher costs because they represent greater risk to insurance companies.

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Don’t Let Illness Or Injury Sabotage Your Practice

3 August 2022

What happens to your practice if you can’t work? Disability insurance can help keep your household on track financially if you become too sick or injured to work, but what about your practice? Having an emergency savings fund established is beneficial, but in today’s inflationary economy, many practice owners may find that it will no longer keep their practice running for as long as they anticipated. 

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You’re Seriously Ill. You Can’t Work. What’s Your Plan For Your Practice?

23 April 2022

Do you remember why you chose to become a practice owner? One reason is likely because you value your independence – being able to run your own practice and career the way you see fit.

But with that freedom comes the responsibility of managing what amounts to a small business. You must be at the helm day in and day out to see that everything runs smoothly.

So what would happen if you were seriously ill or injured and couldn’t work for a long stretch of time? How would your expenses be paid? Who would care for your patients? How would your practice survive financially?

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The Four Advantages of Buying Insurance From TMA Insurance Trust

17 December 2021

Like other insurance agencies, TMA Insurance Trust is a full-service insurance agency with a staff of professional agent-advisors who have years of experience. But that is where the similarities end. Here are four exclusive advantages for members from TMA Insurance Trust you may not be aware of.

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Helping Physicians Manage Their Time Wisely

24 July 2021

Time passes fast. Especially for physicians, who invest heavily in their education and training. Days turn into weeks, and months into years. Along the way you may get married, buy a home, have children. Perhaps you start your own practice or pursue a specialty. With each change that comes along, life has undoubtedly gotten more complex. Income, assets, investments, and savings likely have grown through the years.

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How to Help Your Practice Prepare for the Unexpected

20 March 2021

In 2019, did you expect that a pandemic would sweep the nation? Some practice owners faced insurmountable obstacles outside their control and their practices did not survive. Those that still own viable practices may be thinking of ways to better protect their practices in the future. Though there is no insurance against a pandemic, there are types of coverage that can help provide additional financial protection for your practice.

One such type is Business Overhead Expense (BOE) insurance.

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Save On Two Types Of Income Protection – Personal And Practice

25 July 2020

The world is changing at mind-boggling speed. It’s hard to predict what our lives will be like in the next 24 hours – let alone in the future.

That said, if our income is exposed to risk – due to the possibility of a serious illness or injury – it could put our long-term financial health in jeopardy.

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