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Benefit Your Practice with a Second Opinion on Your Group Health Coverage

6 July 2024

Physicians excel in their medical expertise, and at TMA Insurance Trust, our advisors are equally adept at understanding the Texas group health insurance market. As you advocate for your patients to get a second opinion for the best outcomes, we encourage you to seek a second opinion on your group health insurance coverage. Doing so may reveal better options and potential savings.

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Supporting Texas Physicians with Personalized Health Insurance Options

22 June 2024

Being an independent physician doesn’t mean that you have to face the complexities of healthcare coverage alone. TMA Insurance Trust stands by your side, offering special options that provide group coverage and rates, even if you don’t have employees. You can access HMO and PPO group plans tailored to fit your unique needs.

At TMA Insurance Trust, we’ve done the homework for you. Whether you own a small practice or operate independently, we’ve identified special opportunities that will allow you to enjoy the benefits of comprehensive group coverage designed specifically for your situation.

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Navigating Storms: Secure Savings on Your Home and Auto Insurance

22 June 2024

In recent years, Texas has experienced its fair share of extreme weather conditions, from high winds in the scorching summer to freezing temperatures in the unforgiving winter. These tumultuous weather patterns can leave your home and automobile vulnerable to damage. At TMA Insurance Trust, we understand the unique challenges physicians in Texas face when it comes to protecting your valuable assets. Our mission is to help you find insurance policies that not only help safeguard your investments but also save you money in the process.

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Stay Safe, Play Smart: Help Protect Your Adventures with Accident Insurance

8 June 2024

Spring and summer breaks bring families outdoors for more physical activities. From summer camps and sports leagues to backyard barbecues, many take advantage of promising days filled with sunshine and nights around campfires. Yet, alongside these moments of joy, there's a sobering reality: this is the season when hospitals see many people treated for sports and adventure-related injuries each year.

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Dental Insurance: A Wise Choice for Your Health and Finances

1 June 2024

Physicians have a profound understanding of the intricate connections within the human body, recognizing that issues in one area can have repercussions throughout the whole body. This principle applies equally to oral health, which isn't just about a bright white smile - it also plays a pivotal role in our overall well-being.

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Get Optimal Coverage and Control Costs with Special Group Health Options

27 April 2024

Managing a medical practice, whether with a team or independently, requires careful attention to costs without sacrificing quality care. One of the most significant expenses for physicians is health insurance. Finding affordable yet comprehensive coverage can be challenging, but TMA Insurance Trust is dedicated to helping you control costs without compromising coverage. We aim to assist you in efficiently managing your practice's healthcare while you focus on giving your patients the care they deserve.

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Group Health Insurance Coverage Solutions for Owners and Independents

23 March 2024

While physicians are experts in diagnosing and treating patients, TMA Insurance Trust's expertise lies in navigating the complexities of insurance. We dedicate ourselves to helping you safeguard your practice and yourself against financial challenges. Group health insurance is a vital tool in ensuring the stability and security of your practice, providing essential financial protection for yourself and your team. In addition, we may be able to help you secure group PPO coverage for just yourself and your family.

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Practice Owners, Independents: Help Control Costs, Get Better Health Insurance For 2024

26 October 2023

Do you like shopping for health insurance? We didn’t think so. Poring over the details of plans, comparing carriers and calculating costs can be complicated and time-consuming.

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