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Life Insurance: Vital Security for Your Future

6 April 2024

Life insurance offers a lifeline to help protect your family’s financial future should something unexpectedly happen to you. When you consider the uncertainties of life, ensuring your family's financial stability becomes paramount.

TMA Insurance Trust offers a range of life insurance options designed to help meet your needs. We understand the importance of the crucial safety net that life insurance helps to provide.

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Secure Your Financial Legacy with Life Insurance

2 March 2024

As a Texas physician, your dedication to the practice of medicine is unwavering. But what if the future you’ve worked so hard to build is suddenly thrown into uncertainty? Recent times have reminded us how quickly life can change, often catching us off guard. That's why it's crucial to have a plan in place to protect your family. TMA Insurance Trust collaborates with leading carriers in Texas to help you secure life insurance—a practical solution offering an extra layer of financial support during tough times for your loved ones. This ensures that your family’s dreams and aspirations can still be realized, even in your absence.

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How Life’s Changes Can Affect Health Insurance

9 March 2019

In life, change is inevitable. You may be preparing to welcome a new family member, get married, or change employment; and with any major change, there are many considerations. What some physicians miss at these times is the chance to make adjustments to their health insurance coverage. At TMA Insurance Trust, we can help you navigate the health insurance options that present themselves during these moments of change in your life. Here’s how we can help.

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Having a Baby? A Quick Guide to Life Insurance for New Parents

27 August 2015
Baby on the way? Then your life is about to change in an incredible way: more cares, more joys and a lot more responsibility.

That responsibility includes taking care of your family under all circumstances, so updating your insurance policies should be right at the top of your family planning list. Getting everything squared away before baby arrives will help to avoid any last-minute surprises.

This quick-start guide helps you to determine what kind and how much life insurance you will need in order to ensure that your family is financially protected against the unthinkable.


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Preparing Your Insurance Plan for a New Baby: Here’s What You Need to Know

10 April 2015

The celebration of life – there is nothing more exciting than learning you and your partner are soon expecting a bundle of joy. There will be a whirlwind of tasks to complete before the arrival date, from preparing the new nursery and purchasing a variety of essentials to attending regular doctor visits and planning a shower. In the midst of all of these responsibilities, don’t forget to update your financial plan by bringing your current insurance policies up-to-date.

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5 Common Life Insurance Myths Debunked

7 April 2015

Life insurance – a touchy subject, but one that everyone should talk about at some point. Unfortunately, there are many myths when it comes to life insurance, which is probably why so many people skip coverage. In fact, according to LIMRA, only 70% of American families own some type of life insurance. Plus, it doesn’t help that thinking about life insurance also means that we have to think about our own mortality. A very unpleasant thought.

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