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Protecting What Matters Most


Personal Finance Fundamentals I Wish I'd Followed at 30

2 May 2016

Teenagers and college grads expect to “have it all together” by their 30s. It’s ok to be a kid in your 20s — even in med school — but when the infamous 3-0 rolls around, it’s time to focus on building a solid foundation, climbing the ladder, and settling down to start a family.

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Is Long-Term Disability Insurance Worth It?

25 April 2016

There’s an old episode of “The X-Files” in which insurance salesman Clyde Bruckman, played by Peter Boyle of “Everybody Loves Raymond,” sits with a young couple at their kitchen table trying to sell them an insurance policy.

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Crazy in Debt? Physician Mortgages Offer Home Ownership

14 December 2015

An ideal mortgage loan candidate has low debt and a sizable income. Low debt is not often the case, however, for new physicians leaving residency. On average, physicians start their careers with $166,750 in debt. Leaving residency with large debts and career opportunities still on the horizon, new medical practitioners have many of the characteristics banks often try to avoid.

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8 Alarming Trends for Physicians Nearing Retirement

8 October 2015

As retirement age approaches, many physicians begin thinking about whether to retire early or continue working, full- or part-time. Many who choose the former are responding to changes in the healthcare system.

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Insurance Checklist: Preparing Your Insurance Plan for a Divorce

28 August 2015

You’ve acquired assets over the years, investing time and money in your career. Among those assets are your life and health insurance policies. Unfortunately, these policies tend to wind up on the back burner when preparing for a divorce, which can be a time-consuming and draining experience.

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Having a Baby? A Quick Guide to Life Insurance for New Parents

27 August 2015
Baby on the way? Then your life is about to change in an incredible way: more cares, more joys and a lot more responsibility.

That responsibility includes taking care of your family under all circumstances, so updating your insurance policies should be right at the top of your family planning list. Getting everything squared away before baby arrives will help to avoid any last-minute surprises.

This quick-start guide helps you to determine what kind and how much life insurance you will need in order to ensure that your family is financially protected against the unthinkable.


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Retiring Physicians & Life Insurance: 6 Reasons to Keep It

2 May 2015

You are about to retire from a long career in your practice, your children are self-supporting and you have paid off your house. That leaves no reason to continue carrying a life insurance policy, right?

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Preparing Your Insurance Plan for a New Baby: Here’s What You Need to Know

10 April 2015

The celebration of life – there is nothing more exciting than learning you and your partner are soon expecting a bundle of joy. There will be a whirlwind of tasks to complete before the arrival date, from preparing the new nursery and purchasing a variety of essentials to attending regular doctor visits and planning a shower. In the midst of all of these responsibilities, don’t forget to update your financial plan by bringing your current insurance policies up-to-date.

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