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Stay Safe, Play Smart: Help Protect Your Adventures with Accident Insurance

8 June 2024

Spring and summer breaks bring families outdoors for more physical activities. From summer camps and sports leagues to backyard barbecues, many take advantage of promising days filled with sunshine and nights around campfires. Yet, alongside these moments of joy, there's a sobering reality: this is the season when hospitals see many people treated for sports and adventure-related injuries each year.

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A Financial Safety Net for Life's Unexpected Events

13 January 2024

When an accident occurs, the unexpected expenses that follow could catch you off guard. Despite having health insurance, the costs of lab tests, x-rays, professional fees, and other medical expenses and non-medical expenses can accumulate quickly and leave you financially exposed.

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Medical Insurance May Not Cover All Your Costs After An Accident

10 June 2023

As the cost of health insurance deductibles and copays continue to climb, families are absorbing more and more out-of-pocket costs. When a family member gets injured due to an accident, most medical health insurance plans only pay a portion of the bill, leaving you with the remaining balance. You can help protect your family and your finances with a TMA Member Accident Insurance plan.

TMA Member Accident Insurance is an excellent supplement to your family’s health insurance coverage to help pay for those out-of-pocket expenses related to unforeseen accidents.

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Minimize the Financial Impact of Accidental Injuries with the TMA Member Accident Insurance Plan

14 January 2023

An accident, by its very nature, will always take you by surprise. Help keep any high, out-of-pocket “financial surprises” resulting from an accident to a minimum with the TMA Member Accident Insurance Plan issued by the Prudential Insurance Company of America.

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TMA Members: Get Up to $1 Million of Catastrophic Injury Coverage with Guaranteed Acceptance

22 October 2022

No one plans to have a serious accident. 

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You Have A Health Plan – So Why Do You Need Accident Insurance?

11 June 2022

Summer is here. And with the warmer weather we see families getting out and enjoying more outdoor activities.

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Help Protect Your Income from Accidental Injuries

15 January 2022

A dislocated shoulder from a fall during a hike, a broken ankle during a football game-–as a physician, you’re familiar with how to physically treat these kinds of injuries. But are you prepared financially if they happen to you or someone in your family? Your health insurance will cover a good portion of your medical bills, but additional medical and non-medical expenses can accumulate quickly. Accident insurance covers medical and non-medical expenses to help bridge the gap between your health insurance and these additional out of pocket expenses. A cash benefit is paid directly to you upon diagnosis of a covered, accidental injury.

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Let Accident Insurance Catch You If You Fall

19 June 2021

Most of us don’t choose to take unnecessary risks, but accidents still happen. Accidents and injuries can happen anytime and anywhere: driving to the grocery store, while taking on a small home improvement project, or tripping on an uneven sidewalk.

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