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Protecting What Matters Most


Help Protect Your Income from Accidental Injuries

15 January 2022

A dislocated shoulder from a fall during a hike, a broken ankle during a football game-–as a physician, you’re familiar with how to physically treat these kinds of injuries. But are you prepared financially if they happen to you or someone in your family? Your health insurance will cover a good portion of your medical bills, but additional medical and non-medical expenses can accumulate quickly. Accident insurance covers medical and non-medical expenses to help bridge the gap between your health insurance and these additional out of pocket expenses. A cash benefit is paid directly to you upon diagnosis of a covered, accidental injury.

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Complete Your Health Coverage With Dental Insurance

8 January 2022

We don’t have to tell you about the importance of good oral health. You know better than most that a healthy mouth can be an important factor in terms of our overall physical health.

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The Four Advantages of Buying Insurance From TMA Insurance Trust

17 December 2021

Like other insurance agencies, TMA Insurance Trust is a full-service insurance agency with a staff of professional agent-advisors who have years of experience. But that is where the similarities end. Here are four exclusive advantages for members from TMA Insurance Trust you may not be aware of.

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Why Good Dental Health Supports Good Physical Health

11 December 2021

Physicians know that preventive care and early detection is so important when it comes to physical health. The same can be said of dental health. In fact, in recent years, research has uncovered a correlation between regular dental checkups and good physical health. In this article, we’ll explore that link, and talk briefly about the importance of dental insurance.

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Open Enrollment exclusive: PPO Coverage For You and Your Family

4 December 2021

Open Enrollment will be over soon. But there’s still time to take advantage of opportunities to get a higher quality insurance plan potentially at a lower cost than what you may be paying now.

One such opportunity may appeal to solo and small practice owners who want the greater freedom and choice of a PPO health insurance plan.

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Why Cheaper Health Insurance Isn’t Always The Best Choice

27 November 2021

“You get what you pay for” is a timeworn adage that, while simple, conveys a profound truth: paying less often means getting less. When independent practice owners start to research health insurance options, price is often the biggest deciding factor--for valid reasons. But if you rely solely on price, when you have a medical emergency, you may find your insurance coverage is sorely lacking. The difficulty is finding the balance between obtaining comprehensive insurance coverage that will provide the kind of coverage you need and keeping the practice’s budget in check. It’s a balance that’s become even more crucial during the pandemic.

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Our Specialists Reveal Hidden PPO Health Insurance Options

20 November 2021

Open Enrollment is here – time to think about whether to renew or choose a new health plan for yourself or your practice.

But choosing a health plan may not be so easy. There are many factors to consider – like cost, deductibles, plan features and restrictions, even the level of service you receive from your agent. On top of that, health insurance today is complicated. Trying to get a handle on all the regulations in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) can be time-consuming and exhausting.

So what if you had help from a health insurance specialist? Someone who could find “hidden” opportunities in the complex regulations?

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Solo But Not Alone: Vital Support for Independent Practitioners

13 November 2021

While group PPO coverage is available to all practice owners, its high cost can put this coveted, more inclusive coverage outside the realm of possibility for smaller practices. Requirements for eligibility also mean that most solo practitioners are only able to access individual or group HMO plans.

Though your practice may be small, to us you’re big. Since its existence, TMA Insurance Trust has committed to working tirelessly for small practices that feel limited in their insurance choices. Our recent efforts have uncovered two special insurance options that could transform coverage for many solo and small, independent practice owners.

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