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Protecting What Matters Most


Don’t Overpay For Home and Auto Coverage

15 October 2022

Winter is once again on its way. And with it comes the threat of severe weather and the risk of accidents on the road and damage to your property. 

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Life Insurance Made Simple, Coverage That Makes Sense

2 April 2022

Of all the insurance you will likely obtain throughout your career and lifetime, life insurance stands apart. It is one of the easiest types of coverage to secure, while also providing a maximum amount of financial protection and added peace of mind to you and your family.

In these uncertain times, it’s not just smart planning to have a life insurance policy in place–it’s essential. For TMA Members, it’s never been easier to apply.

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A Simple, Affordable Supplement for Life Insurance

10 July 2021

Because life insurance offers financial protection for loved ones, most physicians see the value in securing this financial protection for their families.

What if you could supplement your life insurance protection, simply and affordably? Some physicians choose to help protect their families financially with an Accidental Death and Dismemberment plan. Let’s talk about how practical and affordable this insurance is, and why you may want to obtain it.

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Protect The Ones Who Love You.

30 July 2016

We value the life-saving work you do and understand that practicing medicine isn’t just a job. It’s a way of life - one that impacts you and everyone in your life. That’s why TMA Insurance Trust is continually looking for new ways to support member physicians and their families.

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Texas Physicians Beware: Not All Advisors Have Your Best Interests at Heart

9 July 2016

As a physician, your income puts you in the top 5% of all Americans. Your earning potential makes you a target for every financial advisor and insurance agent in the business. However, not all advisors have your best interests at heart. Insurance advisors do not take a Hippocratic oath and even many well-intentioned agents do not understand the unique needs of physicians. As a result, some physicians end up without enough coverage in the areas they really need and too much of the types they don’t need. How can you be sure if an agent is recommending what is really best for you?

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Personal Finance Fundamentals I Wish I'd Followed at 30

2 May 2016

Teenagers and college grads expect to “have it all together” by their 30s. It’s ok to be a kid in your 20s — even in med school — but when the infamous 3-0 rolls around, it’s time to focus on building a solid foundation, climbing the ladder, and settling down to start a family.

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Is Long-Term Disability Insurance Worth It?

25 April 2016

There’s an old episode of “The X-Files” in which insurance salesman Clyde Bruckman, played by Peter Boyle of “Everybody Loves Raymond,” sits with a young couple at their kitchen table trying to sell them an insurance policy.

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New Physician's Guide to Long-Term Disability

21 April 2016

What is long-term disability insurance?

When unwanted illness or injury keeps you from practicing medicine for months or years at a time, a long-term disability insurance policy is designed to provide a benefit while you are unable to work.

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