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Protecting What Matters Most


It’s Not Too Late To Get High Quality Group PPO Health Insurance

5 December 2020


Health Insurance Open Enrollment is almost over. If you have not yet finalized your health insurance decisions for a January 1st effective date, it is imperative that you contact us now for assistance. TMA Insurance Trust wants to help you take advantage of important opportunities that are available to you during this limited time. If you contact us right away, we may still be able to help you obtain coverage.

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Practice Owners: Be Ready for Group Health Choices Before Open Enrollment Begins

26 September 2020

This year has been especially challenging for practice owners ... and we don’t need to tell you why. What we do want to make clear is that we can make things a bit easier on you as you’re thinking about group health insurance choices for the coming year.

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Open Enrollment Brings Opportunities For PPO Health Insurance

30 November 2019


Whether you’re looking for your own health insurance, or wish to offer coverage to your employees, it’s easy to appreciate the benefits of PPO health insurance.

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Health Insurance Open Enrollment: Ways For Practice Owners To Control Costs

23 November 2019

Practice owners who are shopping for health insurance during Open Enrollment, between November 1st and December 15th, can consider ways to control the cost of their health insurance. Some may think that increasing the deductible – the amount each employee would need to pay before the insurance company begins to pay benefits – is the way to offset a premium increase. However, it may be worth considering another way to manage costs so benefits can be maintained or made more affordable to the practice.

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When Is It Time to Call a Health Insurance Specialist?

16 November 2019

It’s Health Insurance Open Enrollment – and time is running out to make health insurance decisions. But this could also be a hectic time for your practice. And the last thing you probably want to do is sort through plans, rates and the complexities of today’s health insurance market.

This is when you can – and should – reach out to a group health insurance specialist.

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We Help Independent Practices Manage the Cost of Group Health Insurance

9 November 2019

As you operate your independent medical practice, do your expenses ever decrease? You may scoff at such a question. No doubt each year, as you look at the cost of providing employee benefits, it appears that health insurance premiums only climb … higher and higher.

However, TMA Insurance Trust has done the research and uncovered an option for practice owners to control their group health insurance costs. What is more, this option can even make it possible for practice owners to obtain group PPO coverage for themselves and even offer a group health insurance plan to employees without impacting your bottom line. How is this possible?

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Don't Let Open Enrollment Opportunities Slip Away

2 November 2019


The clock is winding down on Health Insurance Open Enrollment. So we want to let you know that there are important opportunities available for those practices that have not yet finalized their health insurance decisions.

We know this is a busy time for most physicians. And it may seem easier to stay with health insurance you are not satisfied with rather than investigate new plans, rates and carriers.

But our advisors are here to help take the hassles out of shopping for and enrolling in a health insurance plan. And they can help you take advantage of opportunities that are only available during Open Enrollment.

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Small Practice Owners: Take a Helping Hand During Open Enrollment

26 October 2019

As a small practice owner, you are very busy playing all the roles that you are required to fill. You must care for your family’s needs, but also your patients’ - while not forgetting the needs of your practice staff. There is much on your plate - and that’s why we at TMA Insurance Trust feel that you deserve special consideration and support, and are looking out for your welfare during the Health Insurance Open Enrollment time period.

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