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Protecting What Matters Most


Important Information for Texas Physicians Working Past Age 65

30 April 2022

If you are like many physicians, you may plan on practicing well past your 65th birthday. For many physicians, medicine is more than a career, it is a calling. There are few professions as emotionally, intellectually, and financially rewarding as medicine. So, it is understandable why after decades refining your skills and improving countless lives, you may not yet be ready to stop doing what you love.

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What Happens To Your Insurance When You Retire?

20 April 2022

Sooner or later, we all start to think about retirement. You have probably been setting aside funds for a comfortable and secure retirement for many years. Retirement brings many changes. Changes to your daily routine. Changes to how you use your time. Changes to how you deal with your finances. Did you know retirement also brings significant changes to your insurance needs?

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Texas Physicians: Protect Your Retirement From the Unexpected

26 March 2022

You have invested a lifetime of sacrifice and effort to get to where you are now. You saved for years to live the life you want in retirement. Whatever dreams you have for your retirement: travel, reconnecting with family, or just shifting gears to enjoy a slower pace of life, your retirement savings will help make those dreams come true.

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Is Inflation Eating Away the Value of Your Life Insurance?

12 February 2022

Like many people, it may have been years since you last took out a life insurance policy. Most people buy life insurance when they first get married or start a family. They file the policy away with their important papers and usually don’t give it a second thought. But with the rise of inflation, it may be time to take another look at your policy.

You buy life insurance to keep your family financially secure. However inflation could silently be eroding much of that security and leaving your family with less protection than you intended.

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How Dental Insurance Supports Healthy Aging

29 January 2022

Thanks to modern medical advances, aging is not what it used to be. We can now maintain much of our strength, health and function as we get older. The right dental insurance can help you keep your smile bright and healthy for many years to come.

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Are You Getting the Health Care You Deserve?

22 January 2022

As a Texas physician you have devoted your life to caring for others, so when it comes to your own care, TMA Insurance Trust wants to make sure you get the quality health care you deserve.

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What Happens to My Family and Staff When I Go On Medicare?

2 October 2021

If you are at or nearing retirement, you have probably begun to think about Medicare. But you may also be wondering what happens to my family or my staff if I go on Medicare? If your spouse or dependent children are on your plan, will they lose their coverage? If you are a practice owner with a group policy for your staff, what happens to them when you go on Medicare. This article will help answer those questions.

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Don’t Let Dental Care Take a Bite Out of Your Retirement Income

24 July 2021

As you were planning for retirement, you probably thought a lot about making sure you would have enough income to cover your medical expenses. However, dental care during retirement is an often-overlooked expense that can take a serious bite out of your hard-earned retirement income.

Retired physicians may be surprised to find out those twice a year visits to your dentist’s office are not covered under traditional Medicare. Medicare supplement plans don’t include dental insurance either. And although some Medicare Advantage managed care plans offer dental benefits, both the network and the coverage could be very limited.

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