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Protecting What Matters Most


Locum Tenens Physicians Can Save on Disability Insurance

29 May 2021

As a locum tenens physician, where, when and how long you work in any given situation is always changing. In fact, it could be said your professional life is defined by change.

Working “locum tenens” can have advantages for many physicians, offering flexibility and certain freedoms you would not have otherwise.

However, as a locum tenens physician you are considered an independent contractor, and unlike an employed physician with a benefits package, it is your responsibility to provide your own insurance.

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Locum Tenens Physicians: Get the Insurance Benefits You Deserve

6 March 2021

As an independent locum tenens physician, you enjoy many benefits. Due to the shortage of physicians in Texas, your skills are in great demand. You get to decide when and where you want to work. And you don’t have to wait around for insurance reimbursements to get paid.

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