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Protecting What Matters Most


My Employer Offers Both HRA and HSA - Which Should I Use?

9 October 2015

Physicians who want to take control of their health care budgets should know whether their employers offer HRA or HSA accounts. When deciding on a health spending account, knowing which one best suits your needs depends on understanding the differences, similarities and benefits of each.

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Do You Know About These HSA Qualified Expenses?

18 May 2015
A Health Savings Account (HSA) is an ideal way for some physicians to save for medical expenses while also reducing taxable income. In addition to a variety of benefits, many items qualify as an HSA expense. So let’s dig a little deeper into exactly what may be considered as an HSA qualified expense.
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Did you know an HSA Can Function as Both a Traditional IRA & Roth IRA?

16 May 2015
Sometimes described as America’s ultimate retirement account, you may not be aware that your health savings account, or HSA, can also be one of the best places to store your retirement funds. With a recent Fidelity Investment study showing that the average person needs $220,000 for medical expenses as they enter retirement, a health savings account can work to your advantage when you are ready to retire.
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