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What You Don’t Know About The TMA Member Long Term Disability Insurance Plan

20 July 2024

If you have investigated the topic of disability insurance, you quickly learn it is complex. However, since residency, you have been told your most important asset is your ability to earn a good income, and disability insurance is the best way to help protect it. We respect that you have worked hard for years to become a physician, and have earned the opportunity to make a good income. We want to help you protect it well.

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Accessible and Affordable TMA Member Disability Insurance for Women Physicians

25 May 2024

Insurance is a fundamental tool for protecting what matters most in our daily lives and careers. Disability insurance, in particular, is essential to help safeguard your income in case of illness or injury that prevents you from practicing. However, this indispensable tool may come at a higher cost for women physicians due to gender-based pricing differences.

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Strategies for Success in Locum Tenens and Contracting Careers

11 May 2024

Physicians are discovering exciting opportunities in alternative career paths as the medical field evolves. Locum tenens and contracting roles stand out for their flexibility and increased earning potential, drawing in practitioners seeking greater freedom in their professional and personal lives.

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Physicians: 3 Key Factors to Help Safeguard Your Income

4 May 2024

Have you ever considered how well-protected your income is in the event of an unexpected illness or injury? As a physician, you're skilled at managing your finances, from savings and investments to retirement plans. However, one crucial aspect that many overlook is protecting your income with disability insurance. Discovering that your coverage falls short when you need it most is a situation best avoided. TMA Insurance Trust urges you to consider three essential factors that contribute to effectively safeguarding your income.

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Comprehensive Disability Insurance Coverage: The Strategy of Stacking and Laddering

2 May 2024

As your career as a physician progresses, the need for a comprehensive income replacement strategy becomes greater. While you may have had enough coverage in the early stages, it may no longer suffice as your income has grown and your financial responsibilities have increased. This is where the strategy of "stacking" or "laddering" disability insurance policies can provide a cost-effective solution to enhance coverage without replacing existing policies.

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Income Protection for Employed Physicians with Long Term Disability Insurance

10 April 2024

Navigating the unpredictable is familiar territory for physicians, whether diagnosing complex conditions or performing life-saving procedures. However, navigating the unexpected in your personal life can present unique challenges. If you are diagnosed with a prolonged illness or injury and are unable to work, financial uncertainty can become an overwhelming burden for you and your family.

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Long-Term Disability Insurance: Top 8 Reasons To Take A Closer Look

16 March 2024

As a physician, you recognize the importance of protecting your income and securing financial stability for yourself and your loved ones. Disability insurance is a crucial part of this protection. By being a TMA member, you gain the opportunity to help safeguard your income with a benefit of up to $5,000/month without the need for income verification. However, with full underwriting, members can get up to $15,000/month. These benefits are paid regardless of any other coverage you may have.

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Help Protect Your Income and Lifestyle with Disability Insurance

20 January 2024

A physician's life is constantly changing. Every day brings new challenges and responsibilities that can significantly impact your health and financial well-being. Protecting the security of yourself and your family's future is, without a doubt, your priority. If a sudden health issue should disrupt your ability to work, ask how this would affect your current lifestyle.

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