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Protecting What Matters Most


More Options, More Savings on Disability Insurance For Physicians

22 January 2022

You can’t predict the future, but you can help protect it – at least when it comes to your finances. That’s the thinking that underlies disability insurance.

Nobody knows if, or when, they might have an injury or illness that could prevent them from working – particularly at this time when we’re seeing a dramatic upsurge in new cases of Covid-19. Without work, for most physicians, that would mean their income would diminish significantly or stop altogether.

Disability insurance is there to provide income at those times and is therefore considered an essential safety net to help protect our finances. That said, we find that many physicians – even those who currently have some disability insurance – may not have enough coverage, leaving their financial future vulnerable.

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The Four Advantages of Buying Insurance From TMA Insurance Trust

17 December 2021

Like other insurance agencies, TMA Insurance Trust is a full-service insurance agency with a staff of professional agent-advisors who have years of experience. But that is where the similarities end. Here are four exclusive advantages for members from TMA Insurance Trust you may not be aware of.

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Get Your Disability Benefit Faster – When You Need It Most

21 August 2021

We pay for disability insurance for a good reason. We trust it will be there to provide a benefit payment if we get sick or injured and cannot work.

But if you did become ill or injured and couldn’t work, do you know how long it would take to receive your benefit payment? It may be longer than you think.

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Helping Physicians Manage Their Time Wisely

24 July 2021

Time passes fast. Especially for physicians, who invest heavily in their education and training. Days turn into weeks, and months into years. Along the way you may get married, buy a home, have children. Perhaps you start your own practice or pursue a specialty. With each change that comes along, life has undoubtedly gotten more complex. Income, assets, investments, and savings likely have grown through the years.

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New Tool: See Your Disability Insurance Savings Now

17 July 2021

When shopping online most of us would like to see as much information as possible about what we’re looking to buy. That obviously includes the price. Once we know the cost, we can make a reasonably informed decision about whether or not to make the purchase.

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See The Risk to Your Future Income In Just Minutes

3 July 2021

For most physicians, disability insurance is a given. Indeed, it’s considered an essential form of income protection.

But assuming you have a disability insurance plan, it may surprise you to learn just how much of your future income is not protected.

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See Your Lower Rate For Disability Insurance

26 June 2021

In life we protect the things that are important to us. That can include our family, our health, our home – and for a practicing physician, that should include your income.

That’s why there’s disability insurance – to help provide income if we get ill or injured and can’t work for a long stretch of time.

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Specialists: 3 Ways to Help Protect More of Your Income – And Save

12 June 2021

As a physician, what is your most valuable asset? Some would say it’s your ability to earn income. This can be particularly true if you are a surgeon or specialist.

Think about it. You’ve spent years in medical school, residency, and then more time acquiring the skills demanded of your specialty. We don’t have to tell you – this is an enormous investment of time, money, and very hard work.

Accordingly, it’s likely that by now you are earning an income which reflects this investment and commitment. So shouldn’t you take extra care to help protect that income?

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