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Protecting What Matters Most


Disability Insurance: More Confidence In Your Financial Future

12 September 2020

When you chose to become a physician, you accepted tremendous responsibility. In many ways, you allowed yourself to become accountable for others’ lives, while at times putting your own health and safety at risk. Though there is an inherent risk in your profession - particularly now due to the Coronavirus - serious illness or injury could happen to any person in their day-to-day life.

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Disability Insurance Rates That Don’t Discriminate Against Women

10 September 2020

As a female physician you’ve worked incredibly hard to be where you are today. Whether you own a thriving practice, or work in a large medical center or hospital, you’ve put in the hours, jumped the hurdles, met the challenges – in short, you’ve paid your dues. So why shouldn’t you be able to get more affordable rates for disability insurance?

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Struggling With Disability Insurance Payments? Consider This

5 September 2020

The financial fallout from the coronavirus pandemic has had an impact on virtually everyone, including physicians. As a result, many are looking to eliminate or minimize some of their major personal expenses.

We understand that at this time you may be concerned about the cost of your disability insurance – and the challenge of making regular premium payments.

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Exclusive Member Savings From Top Disability Carriers

15 August 2020

For physicians working right now in Texas these are sobering times. You are likely to be treating patients who either have the coronavirus or may have been exposed to it.

That means every day you go to work you are at risk of exposure to the virus.

Have you considered what would happen if you were one of those unfortunate enough to contract a disabling case of COVID-19?

Beyond the devastating impact to your physical health, what would happen to your finances if you could not work and stopped receiving a paycheck? What would that mean for your family?

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Save On Two Types Of Income Protection – Personal And Practice

25 July 2020

The world is changing at mind-boggling speed. It’s hard to predict what our lives will be like in the next 24 hours – let alone in the future.

That said, if our income is exposed to risk – due to the possibility of a serious illness or injury – it could put our long-term financial health in jeopardy.

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Don’t Skip This Step When You Look For Disability Insurance

11 July 2020

As a Texas physician working through the current health crisis, every day you face unprecedented risks and challenges.

As a result, now more than ever, our members want to ensure they have the best protections in place for themselves and their families.

A top priority for most Texas physicians right now is disability insurance.

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When Saving Money on Disability Insurance Makes Sense

27 June 2020

During these days of historic change and uncertainty, it is not uncommon to think about what we can do to help further protect the health and financial security of our family.

As a result, our advisors are fielding numerous questions about disability insurance. This is because disability insurance is a vital way to help replace income if we are unable to work due to illness or injury.

As we face the challenges of these extraordinary times, many of our members are reviewing or reevaluating their disability insurance options.

Here is some insight into one disability insurance plan that may help inform your decision about getting coverage that can serve your needs and save you money.

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Employed Physicians: 5 Reasons to Rethink Your Disability Insurance

13 June 2020

Do you work for a hospital, medical group or medical center?

If so, as an employed physician, it’s likely you have disability insurance. It’s also likely that your coverage is provided as part of your group benefits package.

And while this may be a valuable benefit for most working physicians, we find that many of our members may not be aware that the disability insurance provided by their employer can have certain limitations.

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