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Protecting What Matters Most


Disability Insurance Costs More for Women - We Have a Solution!

27 May 2023

Women physicians need disability insurance to help protect their income. In fact, they may need it more than their male colleagues. Statistically, women are more prone to become disabled than their male counterparts, thus disability insurance rates are higher.¹ Research shows that over 22.3% of all disabilities for women are related to pregnancy.² Consequently, disability insurance premiums for an individual policy are typically 40-50% higher for women compared to the rates for men.³

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Disability Insurance - An Income Protection Strategy for Physicians

20 May 2023

It is often strongly recommended by experienced physicians that newly practicing physicians obtain a disability insurance policy as soon as possible. Establishing this coverage early in one's career is essential for safeguarding their income.

As years pass and your salary and income grow, your disability insurance coverage needs to keep pace or you could face risks to your financial stability. The policy you started your career with may not sufficiently protect your current income.

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Disability Insurance Myths Every Physician Should Know About

13 May 2023

No physician likes to think that a serious illness or tragedy could happen to them at any moment. But if it does, a greater tragedy would be not being prepared. Your livelihood may be affected if you are too sick or injured to practice and your income stops.

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Help Prevent the Risk of Financial Hardship with Disability Insurance

4 May 2023

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Benjamin Franklin’s wise proverb is one you likely reiterate to your patients in some form. As a physician, you understand that taking preventive measures to protect against illness or disease is far better than spending time and resources addressing a medical issue after it has already occurred.

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Are There Hidden Risks In Your Employer's Disability Insurance Plan?

8 April 2023

Many physicians employed by a medical center, research facility, or large practice may receive benefits from their employer. That can bring a sense of security, knowing that your basic insurance needs are covered. This is especially true when you believe your income is protected with employer provided disability insurance benefits. However, this article will point out that there may be hidden risks, so your sense of security may not be well founded.

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Young Physicians: Get Extra Years Of Disability Coverage At No Extra Cost

3 March 2023

If you’re a young physician or resident, ask yourself this: What if you had an opportunity to invest in a company, knowing that in the years ahead its stock price would rise significantly? Or to purchase a home knowing its market value was certain to increase substantially?

Would you make that investment? Very likely you would.

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Help Protect More Of Your Income, Save Up To 30% – Get A Quote Now

21 January 2023

No one wants to think about the possibility of becoming disabled – until the unthinkable happens. It might be a sudden injury, or an unanticipated illness. But regrettably it can happen to anyone, physicians included.

And if that injury or illness prevented you from working, you would likely find that your income would quickly diminish and your finances could be seriously threatened. Would you be prepared for that?

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Special Insurance Savings For Women

3 September 2022

Most people know that insurance is there to help protect what’s important in our personal and professional lives. But as a woman physician what you might not know is that the pricing for certain kinds of insurance can be different for women than it is for men.

That’s because in many cases, premiums for insurance products are based on the gender of the person seeking coverage. And often, women bear higher costs because they represent greater risk to insurance companies.

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