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Protecting What Matters Most


Last Chance – Your Guaranteed Acceptance For $20,000 of Critical Illness Insurance Ends March 31st

21 March 2020

If you were diagnosed with a critical illness, you know that decisions would have to be made with a high degree of urgency.

At that time, you would not be thinking about the financial implications of your condition. You would likely use all the resources at your command to establish a treatment plan for the best possible outcome.

But soon it would be clear that you could face a staggering amount of expenses – both medical and non-medical. That is when the value of critical illness insurance can be most appreciated.

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Why Your Health Insurance May Need a Boost

14 March 2020

There are many risks in everyday life. That’s why we have insurance protection. And most physicians view certain types of insurance as absolutely essential. Health insurance, disability insurance, life insurance are some examples.

Though you likely view health insurance as vitally important, does it offer the same benefits and level of financial protection that it once did? Many physicians will agree: the fabric of health insurance has frayed, and today, they must share the ever-growing costs of health care with their health insurance provider.

If a serious illness should affect you, you will likely have many medical and non-medical expenses to pay. This is why TMA Insurance Trust is making it easy for members under age 65 to enroll for $20,000 of critical illness coverage, no questions asked. Your acceptance is guaranteed - you cannot be turned down for any reason.

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Do You Really Know the Cost of Being Seriously Ill?

22 February 2020

As a physician, you understand how important it is to carry comprehensive health insurance. But when you are faced with a critical illness, your health insurance - though important - could still leave you with coverage gaps that may leave you financially vulnerable.

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Your Health Comes With No Guarantees – But This Coverage Does

15 February 2020
Get $20,000 Of Critical Illness Insurance – With
Guaranteed Acceptance


How many times have you heard it said: In life there are few guarantees.

As a physician you know this is especially true when it comes to our health. Like everyone else, we all face the possibility that one day we may have to confront a serious illness in our own life.

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Health Insurance Gaps: Help Protect Yourself From a Financial Disaster

1 February 2020

Even for those who have health insurance, a serious illness can bring serious financial problems, as the following statistic shows:

Among Americans who have health insurance, one in five have had serious financial challenges in the past year because of medical bills.*

The message is clear: health insurance can leave a serious coverage gap. How can you help protect your finances? Let us help you find one way: starting February 1, TMA Insurance Trust is offering members under age 65 guaranteed acceptance for $20,000 coverage of TMA Member Critical Illness Insurance.

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Is There A “Critical Illness Gap” In Your Health Insurance?

25 January 2020
Get $20,000 Of Critical Illness Insurance – With
Guaranteed Acceptance


Physicians are like everyone else in at least one respect – no one is immune to the possibility of a serious illness.

Every year, 720,000 Americans have a heart attack.1 Every 40 seconds a stroke occurs.2 And in the United States, the risk of developing cancer is 1 in 3 for both men and women.3

And here is another sobering thought: With the higher deductibles, copays and coverage limits of many of today’s health insurance plans, it’s very likely that your primary health insurance will not cover all the expenses related to a prolonged serious illness.

That is why we are offering TMA members guaranteed acceptance for $20,000 of critical illness insurance.

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Have a Helping Hand During a Serious Illness

13 April 2019

Most physicians carry health and disability insurance. But if a serious, potentially life-threatening illness were to strike, will your finances be adequately protected? Health insurance will cover some medical costs, and a disability policy will cover some of your lost salary. How could Critical Illness insurance help you in these circumstances? By paying a lump sum benefit of up to $250,000 when you're diagnosed with a serious, life-altering condition. Find out more about this coverage and how it can help you.

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Could Your Finances Survive a Critical Illness?

12 January 2019

Surviving a serious illness can be one of the the biggest challenges of our life. It can consume most of our physical, mental and emotional strength. If we are lucky, we have support systems in place – with friends, colleagues and family members – to help us through.

But what about financial support? Have you thought about what might happen to your finances in the event of a serious illness? Have you given any thought to critical illness insurance?

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