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Protecting What Matters Most


Disability Insurance Costs More for Women - We Have a Solution!

27 May 2023

Women physicians need disability insurance to help protect their income. In fact, they may need it more than their male colleagues. Statistically, women are more prone to become disabled than their male counterparts, thus disability insurance rates are higher.¹ Research shows that over 22.3% of all disabilities for women are related to pregnancy.² Consequently, disability insurance premiums for an individual policy are typically 40-50% higher for women compared to the rates for men.³

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Disability Insurance - An Income Protection Strategy for Physicians

20 May 2023

It is often strongly recommended by experienced physicians that newly practicing physicians obtain a disability insurance policy as soon as possible. Establishing this coverage early in one's career is essential for safeguarding their income.

As years pass and your salary and income grow, your disability insurance coverage needs to keep pace or you could face risks to your financial stability. The policy you started your career with may not sufficiently protect your current income.

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Disability Insurance Myths Every Physician Should Know About

13 May 2023

No physician likes to think that a serious illness or tragedy could happen to them at any moment. But if it does, a greater tragedy would be not being prepared. Your livelihood may be affected if you are too sick or injured to practice and your income stops.

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Securing the Future: Help Protect Your Family with Life Insurance

1 April 2023

Protecting the ones you love is instinctive. It is so inherent, planning for potential situations that could harm your family is synonymous with common sense. Keeping a first aid kit in your home or car, having fire drills with your kids, learning CPR – nearly everyone protects their family every day in some way.

Life insurance can help protect all the days your family has ahead of them if you are suddenly unable to.

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Safeguard Your Family’s Future with Life Insurance

4 March 2023

Most physicians earn a comfortable income, which enables them to provide for their families and have a good quality of life. As time passes, your hard work and dedication allow you to curate a life that stabilizes and nurtures your family. Familiar routines and cherished traditions become foundational.

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Young Physicians: Get Extra Years Of Disability Coverage At No Extra Cost

3 March 2023

If you’re a young physician or resident, ask yourself this: What if you had an opportunity to invest in a company, knowing that in the years ahead its stock price would rise significantly? Or to purchase a home knowing its market value was certain to increase substantially?

Would you make that investment? Very likely you would.

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Critical Illness Deserves A Guarantee: $20,000 Benefit When You Need It Most

4 February 2023

Preparing for life’s unexpected moments doesn't have to be a daunting task. As a physician, you appreciate how important it is to take care of your health. However, even the healthiest person can fall victim to an unexpected life-altering illness that may not be fully covered by your medical insurance. Since paying for critical illness care often goes well beyond traditionally covered costs, such an unforeseen serious illness would jeopardize your financial security. Therefore, TMA Insurance Trust is making a special effort to inform you about the TMA Member Critical Illness Insurance Plan, issued by The Prudential Insurance Company of America. TMA members under the age of 65 are guaranteed acceptance for $20,000 of TMA Member Critical Illness Insurance.

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Take Advantage of Guaranteed Acceptance for $20,000 of TMA Member Critical Illness Insurance

28 January 2023

Serious, critical - two words that no one wants to hear associated with illness. Being the one to care for the needs of patients daily can contribute to physicians having a blindspot when it comes to their own health. Taking a step back and considering what you would do if you were the patient is necessary because no physician is immune to a sudden, serious illness.

TMA Insurance Trust was created by physicians for physicians. We know firsthand that this is something physicians can lose sight of. The physical and emotional toll a critical illness can take on you and your family can be devastating. If you’re not prepared ahead of time, the financial impact could be devastating too.

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