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Protecting What Matters Most


Special Options for Owners and Independents Expire in Two Weeks

25 November 2023

Open Enrollment is nearing its end. As a practice owner or independent physician, you still have time to take advantage of special group health insurance options that could help you manage rising costs or get the PPO coverage you want. Two of these special options offer flexibility in premiums and group plan size, even for practice owners without employees.

But you need to act now. These options are expiring in two weeks. Plus, there is no guarantee that these special options will be available next year. Don't get stuck with health insurance that doesn't meet your needs or could cost you more.

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Unlocking Little-Known Group Coverage Options for Owners and Independents

11 November 2023

As the year draws to a close and you consider health insurance plans for 2024, we'd like to bring to your attention to some special options available through TMA Insurance Trust that may significantly enhance your coverage.

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Group Health Coverage - Last Chance to Lock in 2023 Rates

23 September 2023

The current climate of inflation predicts a significant increase in all health insurance premium rates for 2024. Whether you are an independent physician or a practice owner who buys your own coverage, any increase in your health insurance premiums would be challenging to anticipate. In order to obtain better health insurance for most of 2024, we are offering physicians the opportunity to lock in lower 2023 group health insurance rates now for the next 12 months.

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Your Group Health Insurance Plan Needs a Specialist

22 July 2023

When dealing with a health crisis, you may recommend that your patient get a second opinion or, depending on the situation, see a specialist. Take your own advice and get a second opinion about the group health insurance plan you choose for your practice. TMA Insurance Trust advisors specialize in helping physicians in Texas to find better group health insurance plans, get better service, and in some cases, even better rates.

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Beyond Open Enrollment: Access Better Health Insurance All Year Long

17 June 2023

Waivers and options available during Open Enrollment can make it a beneficial time for physicians to get the group PPO health insurance coverage they prefer more affordably. However, it’s not the only opportunity during the year to access better health insurance while controlling costs.

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Maximizing Value: How to Control Costs and Get Group PPO Health Insurance Coverage

22 April 2023

An individual's vitality and health are often determined by how well the inner workings of their body function. The same is true of your practice.

While you are the face of your practice, internally, two things need to be in place and function well to keep your practice healthy and optimal: the right health insurance for your needs, and effective cost management. TMA Insurance Trust understands the challenge for practice owners and independent physicians to access comprehensive group PPO health coverage while controlling costs. We want you to know about special options that may help you do both, whether you have employees or not.

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Why It Matters Where You Get Your Group Health Insurance

13 March 2023

If you‘ve been practicing medicine for some time – especially if you own a practice – you can appreciate the truth in the statement “There’s no substitute for experience.”

Experience gained over time can certainly enrich the care you provide to your patients and the skill with which you manage your practice.

Likewise, at TMA Insurance Trust, with our depth of industry knowledge and experience, we are uniquely positioned to help practice owners and their managers get the best group insurance to meet their needs.

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Owners & Independents: Manage Costs And Get Group PPO Health Insurance – With Or Without Employees

16 February 2023

Whether you own a large or small group practice or work independently, in today’s economy, most physicians have one goal in common: to find ways to reduce expenses. And typically, one of the most significant expenses for physicians is the cost of health insurance.

TMA Insurance Trust is focused on helping all Texas physicians manage costs and operate more efficiently. So we want you to know about special health insurance options that can help you control costs and get the coverage you really want. This goes for practice owners and independents – for those with, as well as those without, employees.

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