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Benefit Your Practice with a Second Opinion on Your Group Health Coverage

6 July 2024

Physicians excel in their medical expertise, and at TMA Insurance Trust, our advisors are equally adept at understanding the Texas group health insurance market. As you advocate for your patients to get a second opinion for the best outcomes, we encourage you to seek a second opinion on your group health insurance coverage. Doing so may reveal better options and potential savings.

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Supporting Texas Physicians with Personalized Health Insurance Options

22 June 2024

Being an independent physician doesn’t mean that you have to face the complexities of healthcare coverage alone. TMA Insurance Trust stands by your side, offering special options that provide group coverage and rates, even if you don’t have employees. You can access HMO and PPO group plans tailored to fit your unique needs.

At TMA Insurance Trust, we’ve done the homework for you. Whether you own a small practice or operate independently, we’ve identified special opportunities that will allow you to enjoy the benefits of comprehensive group coverage designed specifically for your situation.

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Get Optimal Coverage and Control Costs with Special Group Health Options

27 April 2024

Managing a medical practice, whether with a team or independently, requires careful attention to costs without sacrificing quality care. One of the most significant expenses for physicians is health insurance. Finding affordable yet comprehensive coverage can be challenging, but TMA Insurance Trust is dedicated to helping you control costs without compromising coverage. We aim to assist you in efficiently managing your practice's healthcare while you focus on giving your patients the care they deserve.

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Group Health Insurance Coverage Solutions for Owners and Independents

23 March 2024

While physicians are experts in diagnosing and treating patients, TMA Insurance Trust's expertise lies in navigating the complexities of insurance. We dedicate ourselves to helping you safeguard your practice and yourself against financial challenges. Group health insurance is a vital tool in ensuring the stability and security of your practice, providing essential financial protection for yourself and your team. In addition, we may be able to help you secure group PPO coverage for just yourself and your family.

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Don’t Miss Out: Last Chance for Exclusive Health Coverage Options

9 December 2023

In the midst of your demanding schedule, it's crucial to remember that the clock is ticking on an opportunity that could significantly enhance your health coverage for 2024. Limited-time special options for practice owners and independents are about to run out. These special options may offer access to extensive group PPO coverage and innovative cost-management strategies you may not be aware of.

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Access Options for Better Health Coverage Before Time Runs Out

2 December 2023

Time is running out for Open Enrollment, and this could be your final opportunity to secure better health insurance for 2024. TMA Insurance Trust will help you find top-rated group plans from leading national carriers, and we'll help assess your eligibility for options that hold particular value for both practice owners and independent physicians. Don't miss out—act now to ensure you make the most informed decision for your healthcare needs in 2024.

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Special Options for Owners and Independents Expire in Two Weeks

25 November 2023

Open Enrollment is nearing its end. As a practice owner or independent physician, you still have time to take advantage of special group health insurance options that could help you manage rising costs or get the PPO coverage you want. Two of these special options offer flexibility in premiums and group plan size, even for practice owners without employees.

But you need to act now. These options are expiring in two weeks. Plus, there is no guarantee that these special options will be available next year. Don't get stuck with health insurance that doesn't meet your needs or could cost you more.

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Unlocking Little-Known Group Coverage Options for Owners and Independents

11 November 2023

As the year draws to a close and you consider health insurance plans for 2024, we'd like to bring to your attention to some special options available through TMA Insurance Trust that may significantly enhance your coverage.

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