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Protecting What Matters Most


Group Benefits – Are You Getting The Service You’re Paying For?

9 February 2019

Imagine going to a very nice restaurant. You sit down at a table and the waiter asks for your order. After you place your order he points to the kitchen and says “Please pick it up in 10 minutes. And when you’re done, kindly bring your dishes back to where you got them.”

Is this the type of service you expect from a high quality restaurant?

As the owner of a medical practice, we don’t have to tell you that providing group benefits for your employees can be costly. In fact, you could be paying a significant part of your revenue for employee benefits. So it makes sense that you are entitled to ask this question – am I getting the service that I’m paying for?

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It May Be The Best Kept Secret For Controlling Your Health Insurance Costs

20 October 2018

It’s no secret that today’s health insurance marketplace can be complex, chaotic and confusing. And as a practice owner, you certainly know that trying to control health insurance costs can be a challenge.

But we found some information that might surprise you. It’s not very well publicized but it could be extremely helpful if you want to gain more control over your health insurance costs.

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