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Protecting What Matters Most


Plan for Change: Lock in Lower 2022 Health Insurance Rates For 2023

19 September 2022

At TMA Insurance Trust, we do not yet know the full scope of the rate increases for 2023 health insurance premiums, but we anticipate that they could be significant. While we can’t prevent that, we can tell you that you have an opportunity to lock in a lower 2022 rate for the next 12 months. If you currently have an individual HMO health insurance plan, there are special options available that could help you qualify for group health insurance and take advantage of this as well.

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Eligible Without Employees–Group PPO Health Insurance for Independent Physicians

10 September 2022

A physician’s eligibility for a group PPO plan has historically relied on how many employees they have in their practice. TMA Insurance Trust has researched how to make this preferred coverage available to independent physicians who practice in a partnership without W2 employees. Special options may help you obtain group PPO health insurance for just yourself and your family. 

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Get Group PPO Health Insurance–Without Employees

20 August 2022

You know that if you’re an independent practice owner with employed staff, group PPO health insurance is an option for you. But what if for you, practicing as an independent physician means you are truly independent, with no employees?

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Better Cost Management Can Mean Better Group Health Insurance Despite Inflation

2 July 2022

The impact inflation is having on goods and services is being felt in all sectors of the economy, including health care. As a result, the cost of your group health insurance is likely to increase when it comes time to renew your plan. Many physicians and practice owners are concerned about how increased rates will affect the amount of coverage they have and what they can offer to their staff. This may be the right time to get a second opinion to see if there is a better way to structure your group health insurance benefits.

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PPO Health Insurance For Independent Physicians

4 June 2022

Many independent physicians prefer group PPO plans because of their flexibility and more comprehensive coverage. Physicians who do not have employees may think group PPO health insurance isn’t an option for them. TMA Insurance Trust has found solutions that can help put PPO coverage within reach.

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Group Health Insurance: Get Better Coverage and Better Service with TMA Insurance Trust

13 April 2022

As a busy physician, when it comes time for renewal, it may seem easier to continue the group health insurance plan you’ve always had, with the same insurance agent you’ve always used. TMA Insurance Trust understands that demands on your time could be causing you to miss out on better coverage and better service

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Practice Owners: Improve Your Health Insurance Plan This Year

19 February 2022

Owning a medical practice comes with many rewards. But in today’s world it can also bring daunting new challenges.

The financial impact of Covid-19 has affected large and small medical practices throughout Texas. As a result, practice owners may be taking a closer look at their office expenses, exploring new ways to better manage their practice and operate more efficiently.

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The Four Advantages of Buying Insurance From TMA Insurance Trust

17 December 2021

Like other insurance agencies, TMA Insurance Trust is a full-service insurance agency with a staff of professional agent-advisors who have years of experience. But that is where the similarities end. Here are four exclusive advantages for members from TMA Insurance Trust you may not be aware of.

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