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Protecting What Matters Most


How Will Your Independent Practice Weather the Storm?

28 July 2018

Allison, Rita, Dolly, Ike, Harvey.

If you’ve been a Texas resident for any length of time, you know what these names have in common. All are tropical storms or hurricanes that have made landfall on Texas soil in recent years and have caused catastrophic damage. Now, hurricane season is upon us again – and many physicians are still recovering from damages inflicted upon their practices last August. The loss has been deeply felt in the medical community: practice owners and partners have sacrificed endless hours and invested countless dollars out of their own pockets to build their successful practices – only to have them snatched away by a brutal, unforgiving storm.

One such practice is NightLight Pediatric Urgent Care in Humble, Texas. See for yourself the damage this practice suffered at Hurricane Harvey’s hands:

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