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Protecting What Matters Most


Applying for Life Insurance? These Health Conditions May Affect Your Application

12 January 2016

No one likes to consider their own mortality.  But if you have a family or spouse who relies on your income as a Texas physician, set those feelings aside. Realizing the need for life insurance is an important first step, while qualifying for it is much more involved, as insurers evaluate each application based on a number of criteria, including age, lifestyle, profession, and health. If you're considering applying for life insurance in Texas, be aware that these health conditions listed below may affect your application, resulting in higher premiums or denial.

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Texas Physicians: Do You Know How to Save Money on Your Life Insurance Coverage?

16 December 2015

Life insurance policies are a critical element of a family’s financial plan. Selecting the right policy ensures your family’s well-being should the unexpected take place.

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Permanent vs. Term: Which Life Insurance is Right for You?

20 February 2015

Life insurance – you hear about it often, yet it still seems like a confusing topic. With so many products, solutions and varying opinions, it can be difficult to decide which type of life insurance will best suit your needs and protect your family if the unexpected happens. As a Texas physician, the two main types of life insurance you should familiarize yourself with are Term Life insurance and Permanent Life insurance. Below you will find must-know information regarding both types, in addition to each policy’s pros and cons. Keep this information handy when it comes times to purchase your policy.

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