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How to Hire & Retain the Right Staff to Take Your Medical Practice to the Next Level

One of the biggest issues facing medical practices today is employee retention. In fact, turnover can be quite costly. According to a recent report from Health Care Management Review, a high turnover rate can cost your practice as much as 5% of your annual revenue. For a small- to medium-size clinic, that kind of cut in revenue can spell lasting disaster.

So, how does the average practice find great employees and reduce their turnover rates?

Your Foundation for Success

The first step is to build a strong foundation and a hiring practice that will help ensure you're targeting the right people.  Also, it’s important to provide staff with the right incentives to make them want to stay.

Finding the Right Employees

Many clinics make the mistake of employing the first person who walks through the door for an open position. Since this is an extremely competitive industry, taking the time to source employees who will work well long-term for your practice is absolutely paramount. Here are a few things to look for in prospective employees:

  1. They should fit your practice culture. If you have a laid back practice, hiring a hard-driving person might not be a good fit.

  2. They should have a majority of skills that you need for the position. Don't feel as though you should settle for someone who isn't adequately qualified, just to fill a needed position.

  3. Make sure you're looking for new hires in the right places. Today's job seekers rely heavily on online outlets to find jobs. Make sure you're posting on credible job boards for your industry.

  4. Consider hiring a recruiter. If you can't find the right candidates to fill your open positions, try working with a recruiter.

Using the Correct Staffing Levels

It can be tempting to try to get by with as few staff members as possible, but this typically backfires. Hire enough people to run your clinic smoothly and make sure that you staff busy times appropriately. You don't want your patients to wait and you don't want your employees so stressed-out they resign.

Productivity Boosters

A fun work environment is a productive environment. Don't be afraid to hold contests and tournaments to keep your employees engaged and having fun. Offer frequent little rewards to your staff as a way of saying thank you. Most importantly, don't be afraid to say "Thank you" to your employees for a job well done. They'll appreciate it and they'll want to work harder for you.


In this competitive industry, offering group insurance benefits is a must. It will separate your position from other clinics and has the added bonus of helping you find better employees - as well as encouraging them to stay. A comprehensive group insurance benefits package that includes health, dental, vision and even disability insurance will make your clinic appealing to today's top hires. As many employees will tell you, a benefits package can make up for a lot when it comes to a high-stress job.

For employee retention, offering a benefits package is often the key ingredient to loyal, long-lasting employees. When you compare any costs for providing group insurance benefits to the potential of income lost due to poor staffing and higher turnover rates, you can be assured you're making a good investment.

When your employees are happier, they work harder. A recent study from the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that revenue increases are directly tied to how happy employees are.

So, with careful attention to the way you hire new employees and by taking the necessary steps to ensure that your employees are happy and productive, you'll be setting your practice up for success. And when it’s time to offer benefits to your employees, our team here at TMA Insurance Trust can answer all your questions and help you choose the perfect insurance plan for practice.  


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