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Protecting What Matters Most


Can You Count on Your Life Insurance?

10 October 2020

If you are a physician who is employed by a medical center or other practice, you probably have life insurance as an employee benefit. But does your current policy offer enough coverage to provide the right financial insurance protection for your family? And as some employers cut costs, can you be sure that your benefit will remain? Will it be reduced or eliminated at some point in the future?

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Disability Insurance: More Confidence In Your Financial Future

12 September 2020

When you chose to become a physician, you accepted tremendous responsibility. In many ways, you allowed yourself to become accountable for others’ lives, while at times putting your own health and safety at risk. Though there is an inherent risk in your profession - particularly now due to the Coronavirus - serious illness or injury could happen to any person in their day-to-day life.

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Disability Insurance Rates That Don’t Discriminate Against Women

10 September 2020

As a female physician you’ve worked incredibly hard to be where you are today. Whether you own a thriving practice, or work in a large medical center or hospital, you’ve put in the hours, jumped the hurdles, met the challenges – in short, you’ve paid your dues. So why shouldn’t you be able to get more affordable rates for disability insurance?

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Help Get the Protection that Residents and Employed Physicians Really Need

14 September 2019

As a physician, you have worked hard to achieve much in your life. As you plan for your future, you think of investment strategies and savings plans. If something should happen to you, financial protection for your loved ones is of paramount importance.

One of the best ways to offer immediate financial protection is to obtain a term life insurance policy, whereas many savings plans and investment strategies require time to build value. Once you are approved for a term life insurance policy, your amount of coverage is in place, and immediately helps to provide protection. Term life insurance provides financial protection for your family when they need it the most.

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Employed Physicians: Will Your Disability Coverage Catch You?

25 May 2019

Rock climbers have confidence that their safety equipment will catch them if they fall; otherwise they would never take the risk of climbing. But they don’t secure their anchors, knots and carabiners once, then ignore them for the duration of their climb. To be safe, they check their safety equipment periodically; both as their position changes, and as time passes.

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Do Female Physicians Have To Pay More For Disability Insurance Than Male Physicians?

20 April 2019

The long hours of study, the grueling night shifts, the heavy burden of student loans. As a female physician it’s obvious that you have paid your dues to get where you are today. And it goes without saying that you have worked just as hard as your male counterparts to achieve your goals.

So if you were told that your rates would be higher for long term disability insurance than those paid by male physicians – for the same level of coverage – you might be somewhat surprised and more than a little disappointed.

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The Cost of Long-Term Disability: Are You Fully Aware of Your Risk?

19 January 2019

As a physician, you see the importance of having disability insurance in place. Whether you are an independent physician and must purchase your own disability insurance, or you are employed and only receive coverage through your employer, you see the value in protecting your income.

Still, some physicians (whether independent or employed) may not have enough disability insurance to adequately protect their finances. If you become sick or injured and are unable to work, will your current disability coverage adequately protect you? Will your family have enough income to sustain the standard of living that you have achieved together?

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Is The Gap in Your Employer Disability Insurance Putting You at Risk?

11 August 2018

If you’re like many physicians, employed by a medical group, hospital or medical center, you may be unaware of how much your long-term disability policy actually covers. Most policies paid for by an employer are limited to 50 to 60 percent of a physician’s base salary, excluding bonuses — leaving a gap in coverage that falls short of what’s required to meet ordinary living expenses. To illustrate this point, we'd like to give you a hypothetical example of how you could be caught off guard by inadequate disability coverage:

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