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Protecting What Matters Most


Practice Owners and Independents - Get the Group Coverage You Want, Even Without Employees

12 November 2022

Doing the same thing the same way can sometimes be beneficial. As a physician, you have protocols of care that you follow for particular illnesses and diseases. But if a new, better form of treatment became available, would you dismiss it, or would you investigate its usefulness to your patients?

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Controlling Health Insurance Costs – Open Enrollment Special Options for Practice Owners

5 November 2022

Are you feeling “sticker shock” over the price of group health insurance for your practice this year? If you have to pay more, let’s make sure every dollar counts and that you’re getting the most comprehensive health insurance possible for yourself and your practice. Here’s how TMA Insurance Trust is advocating for practice owners during Open Enrollment

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Practice Owners, Independents: Control Costs, Get Better Health Insurance For 2023

29 October 2022

Do you like shopping for health insurance? We didn’t think so. Poring over the details of plans, comparing carriers and calculating costs can be complicated and time-consuming.

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Plan for Change: Lock in Lower 2022 Health Insurance Rates For 2023

19 September 2022

At TMA Insurance Trust, we do not yet know the full scope of the rate increases for 2023 health insurance premiums, but we anticipate that they could be significant. While we can’t prevent that, we can tell you that you have an opportunity to lock in a lower 2022 rate for the next 12 months. If you currently have an individual HMO health insurance plan, there are special options available that could help you qualify for group health insurance and take advantage of this as well.

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Don’t Let Illness Or Injury Sabotage Your Practice

3 August 2022

What happens to your practice if you can’t work? Disability insurance can help keep your household on track financially if you become too sick or injured to work, but what about your practice? Having an emergency savings fund established is beneficial, but in today’s inflationary economy, many practice owners may find that it will no longer keep their practice running for as long as they anticipated. 

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Practice Owners: Save 25-40% Permanently on a Guardian Disability Plan

30 July 2022

You’re a practice owner and you’ve invested an incredible amount of time and energy to get where you are. Nobody knows this better than you. 

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PPO Health Insurance For Independent Physicians

4 June 2022

Many independent physicians prefer group PPO plans because of their flexibility and more comprehensive coverage. Physicians who do not have employees may think group PPO health insurance isn’t an option for them. TMA Insurance Trust has found solutions that can help put PPO coverage within reach.

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Women Physicians: Help Secure Your Family’s Future with Life Insurance

21 May 2022

Your income provides a strong financial foundation for you and your family and life insurance can be one of your biggest allies in helping to keep that foundation secure. However, according to life insurance industry estimates, about 58% of men have life insurance but only 47% of women are covered.* To appreciate the value of life insurance for you as a physician, it’s important to understand all the various ways it can help you as your career progresses.

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