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TMA Members Save Up to 20% on Pet Insurance

It is estimated that over two-thirds of Americans own at least one pet. Our pets have always been valued members of the family, but perhaps never more than right now.

Pets give us unconditional love, companionship and even help relieve loneliness and stress. Perhaps that is why during the pandemic, Texans have been adopting pets at record levels. Although pet adoptions are surging across the country, Texans are clearing out animal shelters like never before. According to one news outlet, some North Texas rescue shelters are receiving 600 applicants per dog.

Best Friends Take Care of Each Other

With all our pets do for us, we want to be sure to take care of them. Pet medical emergencies can happen at any time. If your puppy swallows something he shouldn’t or your cat suddenly stops eating, it may be time to visit the vet. With pet insurance, you can stop worrying about the bill and focus on helping your pet.

TMA Insurance Trust is making it easy for pet parents to keep their furry friends happy, healthy and protected. Through our partnership with MyLifeProtected, TMA members can now receive valuable discounts on a variety of pet protection plans with ASPCA Pet Health Insurance.

Customized Coverage to Meet Your Needs

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance offers a variety of plan options so you can choose the coverage that is right for you and your pet. Plan options include coverage for accidents, illness, hereditary and congenital conditions, wellness care, chronic conditions and even behavioral issues.

The plans come without any network limitations. You are welcome to visit any vet, specialist or emergency clinic in the United States or Canada. All plans come with the following standard benefits:

  • No networks - Visit any vet, specialist or emergency clinic in the US or Canada
  • Prescription medications
  • Diagnostic procedures and tests
  • Veterinary exam fees
  • Surgeries and hospitalizations
  • MRIs, CT scans and X-rays
  • And more
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Customized Options to Fit Your Budget

With ASPCA Pet Health Insurance, you pick the annual deductible and you decide the reimbursement that best fits your budget. You can choose a 90%, 80% or 70% reimbursement level. Your reimbursement will be based on your actual veterinary bill. You will not be limited to a benefit schedule that restricts payouts to a fixed amount based on the diagnosis.

Another advantage of ASPCA Pet Health Insurance is the plans have an annual deductible, which you decide upon in advance. The deductible only needs to be met once a year per pet, no matter how many incidents occur. In contrast, per incident deductibles require you to pay a new deductible for every single injury or illness, which can really add up.

TMA Members Save Up to 20%

TMA members are entitled to a 10% discount on their base plan premium. If you secure coverage for more than one pet, you will automatically qualify for an additional 10% multiple pet discount. Combined, these discounts represent a savings of 20%.

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Click here or call 877-755-9576 to get started. Mention TMA Insurance Trust to receive your discount on the pet protection plan of your choice. This is just one more way that we at TMA Insurance Trust are looking out for you and all the members of your family, including the furry ones.

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For over 60 years, TMA Insurance Trust advisors have been serving Texas physicians, their families and staff. TMA Insurance Trust prides itself on offering unbiased information and strategies to members, along with exclusive group rates on a range of the highest-rated plans in the industry.

Pre-existing conditions are not covered. Waiting periods, annual deductible, co-insurance, benefit limits and exclusions may apply. For all terms and conditions visit Complete Coverage℠ reimbursements are based on the invoice. Levels 1-4 reimbursements are based on usual and customary eligible costs. Products, rates and discounts may vary and are subject to change.
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