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Protecting What Matters Most


What’s the Secret to Saving Money on Auto and Homeowners Insurance?

29 September 2018

Many consumers may not be aware that rates on some auto and homeowners policies increase over time. Over a period of years, this could amount to hundreds of dollars a year, along with missed opportunities for receiving valuable discounts.

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Exceptional Coverage for your Distinctive Home and Vehicle

7 July 2018

You have spent years investing in your education, working long hours in a high-stress environment, managing your funds wisely. In time you have been able to enjoy the benefits of all your hard work, including a luxury home and elegant automobile. Sadly, many physicians have not obtained proper coverage for their finer vehicles and homes, and have left themselves open to substantial financial loss.

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Renters Insurance: Essential, Low Cost Protection for Young Physicians

20 January 2018

TMA members who rent their home can take advantage of special savings on their renters and auto insurance. When you purchase both your auto and renters insurance with TMA Insurance Trust through Travelers, the auto insurance savings could exceed the cost of the renters policy.* But is renters insurance really necessary for you?

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You Could Save An Average of $550 on Auto Insurance and Give Yourself a Holiday Gift

16 December 2017

In these last few days of December, many of us are especially busy - with additional tasks like shopping for gifts, finalizing travel plans, or finishing preparations for receiving friends and family at home. Are these days busier than ever for you? If so, it’s likely that auto insurance is the last thing on your mind. But a few minutes on the phone could be a wise investment of your time, bringing you big savings (an average of $550!*) on your auto insurance.

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TMA Members: Be Safe This Summer in the Driver’s Seat

1 July 2017

When most people think of dangerous driving conditions, they think of pouring rain or patchy ice. But there are certain inherent risks to driving in every season – even in summer. While you’re enjoying the longer daylight, family picnics, and splashing in the pool this season, please be aware of the safety risks while driving that come with the summer weather.

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A Behind the Scenes Look at TMA’s New Insurance Programs

25 March 2017

In an effort to serve members better, TMA Insurance Trust recently introduced auto, homeowners, renters and umbrella insurance for members. We’d like to take you behind the scenes and show you what makes this program such an exciting new benefit for members.

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Is Your Auto and Homeowners Insurance Keeping Up With Your Risk?

24 September 2016

According to Texas law, certain types of insurance coverage are mandatory. For example, if you drive a car or own a mortgaged home, you must have insurance. Even though these types of insurance are commonplace, it is surprising how many people are improperly insured. Indeed, after some investigation, you may find that you are overspending, underinsured, or unaware of truly valuable protection options.

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