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It’s Time to See if You Can Save on Your Auto and Home Insurance

If you can spend less and receive the same benefits, why not save money? Especially during these challenging times, saving money on essential items is important. One way to grab easy savings is to see if you are paying too much for your automobile and homeowners insurance.

Auto Insurance Rates Change Often

Most people don’t realize that auto insurance rates are constantly changing. Auto insurance carriers change their rates many times throughout the year to account for different risk factors.

Some of those risk factors are based on the individual, like being a safe driver or having a good credit score. But there are other factors that come into play that are completely out of a person’s control.

The Covid-19 Pandemic Brought Discounts

For example, during the first few months of the pandemic, a number of auto insurance carriers gave their policyholders a one-time discount. This was because many people were sheltering in place and driving less. Since insurance companies are required by law to have a balance between the risk they carry and the amount of claims they pay, discounts occasionally happen.

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Personal Factors for Insurance Savings

If you’ve had changes in your personal life, you may be eligible for a lower rate. What are some of the factors that may mean you could be overpaying for your home or auto insurance? Consider the following questions:

  • Are you getting the exclusive savings available to TMA members?
  • Has your car depreciated, yet your rate has stayed the same or increased?
  • Are you living in a gated community or are a member of an HOA?
  • Are you retired, over 55, and live in your permanent residence?
  • Do you bundle your homeowners and auto insurance?

Small Investment of Time May Bring Substantial Savings

Because there are a number of factors that could contribute to auto and homeowners insurance savings, it’s worth the small investment of time to find out if you could save on your premiums. Even better, TMA Insurance Trust has made the process easier than ever. With just a few minutes on MyLifeProtected, available through the TMA Insurance Trust website, you can compare your current premium to the best rates in your area and get quotes without speaking to an agent. You can also contact an agent to develop a quote for you by calling 877-755-9576. Either way, TMA Insurance Trust has made it quick and easy to find out how much you can save!

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