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Protecting What Matters Most


Practice Owners: Save 25-40% Permanently on a Guardian Disability Plan

30 July 2022

You’re a practice owner and you’ve invested an incredible amount of time and energy to get where you are. Nobody knows this better than you. 

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Save Up To 30% Permanently On Own-Occ Disability Insurance

25 June 2022

How many times have you heard: Income protection is vital for every physician. 

Probably often enough that you may have tuned it out by now. But here are a few facts that could reinforce just how important it really is to have a good income protection strategy – especially if you’re in the early stages of your career.

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More Affordable Disability Insurance For Women Physicians

27 May 2022

As a woman physician, one of your biggest allies in helping to keep your financial foundation secure is disability insurance. However, the cost of disability insurance may be a barrier that’s kept you from obtaining this necessary coverage. Premium rates for individual long-term disability insurance policies are typically 40-50% higher for women than for men. If you do have disability insurance, your coverage may have severe limitations you’re not aware of. 

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Should You Wait 90 Days For Your Disability Benefit?

27 May 2022

They’re two of our most precious assets – our health and our income.

In many ways they’re inter-connected. If we’re not healthy it can have a big impact on our income. If we’re sick or injured and can’t work for a long period of time that could result in serious financial loss.

Working with physicians for over 65 years, we’ve seen this happen firsthand.

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Avoid This Costly Mistake When Protecting Your Income

21 May 2022

It’s common sense that if you have a leak in your roof, the time to fix it is before a rain storm – not after a deluge.

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You May Already Have Disability Insurance From Your Employer – Here’s Why You May Need More

14 May 2022

Many physicians employed by a medical center, research facility, or large practice may receive benefits from their employer. That can bring a sense of security, knowing that your basic insurance needs are covered. This is especially true when you believe your income is protected with employer provided disability insurance benefits. However, this article will point out that your sense of security may not be well founded.

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Disability Insurance–An Income Protection Strategy for Independent Physicians

7 May 2022

As an independent physician, obtaining disability coverage at the beginning of your career is a smart decision. Many colleagues counsel younger physicians to do so because of the income protection it can provide. As time passes and your salary increases, are you making sure your income protection is increasing with it? 

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Don’t Skip This Step When You Look For Disability Insurance

23 April 2022

The last few years have taught us that staying healthy can be a daily challenge. As a physician, no one understands this more than you.

As a result, now more than ever, we want to help Texas physicians have the best protection in place for themselves and their families.

A top priority for most physicians right now is disability insurance. Here are some points to consider.

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