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Protecting What Matters Most


A Guaranteed Benefit In Critical Times

10 February 2024

When you or a loved one receives a serious illness diagnosis, quick decisions are crucial. In those urgent moments, financial concerns often take a back seat as you focus on the best possible outcome, regardless of the cost. Critical illness insurance steps in to help provide the extra funds you need during uncertain times.

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TMA Member Critical Illness Insurance: Get $20,000 of Guaranteed Coverage

3 February 2024

The unexpected nature of illness is in the numbers; every 40 seconds, someone in the United States experiences a myocardial infarction.¹ In 2022 alone, nearly 1.9 million new cancer cases were diagnosed nationwide,² with 139,320 of those cases projected to occur in Texas.³ These statistics represent individuals facing health battles and daunting economic setbacks.

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Guaranteed Acceptance for $20,000 of TMA Member Critical Illness Insurance

27 January 2024

As a physician, you grasp the fragility of life better than most and no doubt grapple with life’s uncertainties yourself. If you or someone you love has had to confront an unexpected, life-altering illness, you can truly appreciate how devastating it would be navigating one's declining health and the threat of inadequate finances to pay for treatment.

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Help Protect Your Income and Lifestyle with Disability Insurance

20 January 2024

A physician's life is constantly changing. Every day brings new challenges and responsibilities that can significantly impact your health and financial well-being. Protecting the security of yourself and your family's future is, without a doubt, your priority. If a sudden health issue should disrupt your ability to work, ask how this would affect your current lifestyle.

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A Financial Safety Net for Life's Unexpected Events

13 January 2024

When an accident occurs, the unexpected expenses that follow could catch you off guard. Despite having health insurance, the costs of lab tests, x-rays, professional fees, and other medical expenses and non-medical expenses can accumulate quickly and leave you financially exposed.

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Dental Insurance: Opening Doors to Better Health and Savings

6 January 2024

Most physicians would agree that health insurance is necessary coverage, but because of the expense, dental insurance may not be prioritized, especially if you are already maintaining a regular at home dental regimen, such as brushing and flossing. However, overlooking dental insurance can delay regular checkups and create a gap in safeguarding your overall health, potentially leading to more significant expenses in the future.

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New Year, New Savings - Review your Auto and Home Insurance

16 December 2023

With the New Year upon us, one common resolution is to save money, which is particularly important for physicians managing many insurance policies. An effective way to turn this resolution into reality is by exploring potential savings and discounts on auto and home insurance. TMA Insurance Trust has made reviewing, simplifying, and comparing your policies easy.

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Don’t Miss Out: Last Chance for Exclusive Health Coverage Options

9 December 2023

In the midst of your demanding schedule, it's crucial to remember that the clock is ticking on an opportunity that could significantly enhance your health coverage for 2024. Limited-time special options for practice owners and independents are about to run out. These special options may offer access to extensive group PPO coverage and innovative cost-management strategies you may not be aware of.

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