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How to Provide Quality Health Insurance While Managing the Cost

Nov 10, 2018 7:00:00 AM




If you are a physician who operates a small independent practice, we applaud you. You certainly work hard, value your independence, and care deeply about your patients. Yet operating a small practice has become increasingly complicated, and you face many challenges.


One of these challenges is maintaining balance: providing quality benefits while managing their cost. Health insurance is a prime example. Let’s look at the reasons to consider offering health insurance to your employees.


The Benefits of Offering Quality Benefits


Offering quality health insurance coverage can be a great boost to the health of your practice. Consider the following:


• Offering quality health insurance as an employee benefit can give your practice more leverage in attracting the kind of employees you want.

• Offering health insurance can also increase employee loyalty and retention.

• Employees with good health insurance may miss less work due to health reasons, and feel better overall. Your practice could enjoy better employee attendance, increased productivity and higher morale.


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How to Manage the Cost of Quality Benefits


We have a way to help qualifying practices manage their health insurance costs. There are two little-known waivers to current health insurance regulations that could completely change the way you look at offering health insurance benefits to your staff. If a medical practice offers a group health insurance plan, most carriers require 75% of employees to participate in the plan, and the practice must pay 50% of employees’ premiums.


These waivers change all that.


If you are a practice owner, have one full-time employee and a tax ID number, we may be able to help your practice:


Contribute as much (or as little) as you choose to your employee’s health insurance premiums; and

Do away with a minimum number of participants.


This means you as a practice owner could enjoy the group PPO health insurance coverage you really want, while offering quality health insurance coverage to your employees at no cost to your practice.


We’re Here to Help your Practice During Open Enrollment


Practice owners deserve to have a supportive, trustworthy team on their side. At TMA Insurance Trust, we understand and care about the challenges you face as a practice and business owner – and we are here to support you. It’s not too late to get the health insurance coverage you and your staff deserve. But don’t delay - these waivers are only available for a limited amount of time. Your practice must enroll before December 12, 2018 so that all the necessary paperwork will be complete and you will have coverage in place for a January 1 effective date. Whether you need assistance with a renewal or are looking to secure group coverage for the first time, we are ready to serve you. Contact us today to speak with an experienced insurance advisor who can explain these cost-controlling options for you and your practice and assist you with this Special Enrollment opportunity.


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