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Protecting What Matters Most


Accidents Happen - Prepare Now to Help Avoid Financial Pain

25 August 2018

Everything was going well that Saturday morning. The weather was perfect; you and your family were enjoying your daughter’s track meet - and she was doing very well. But when her left foot touched the ground upon landing in the long jump event, something went terribly wrong. She crumbled to the ground and curled up in tremendous pain.

After following up with her orthopedic surgeon, you were told that she had torn her ACL.

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Young Physicians Shouldn’t Leave Their Careers to Chance

21 January 2016

Insurance. If you’re a Millennial, the word probably evokes yawns and shrugs. But insurance is needed for many reasons in our lives. We purchase travel policies when we book a vacation. We insure our cars. But what happens when that car gets smashed by another car, sending you sideways into the landscape? Or the plane falls out of the sky? Or you get sick.

These are dramatic images, but they can happen. To anyone. At any age.

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Must-Know Facts About Supplemental Coverage for Physicians

13 July 2015

As a physician, you are well aware of the benefits of traditionally-known insurance types, such as standard health, life and disability. While these plans are crucial in terms of protection, what if you prefer covering high deductible costs, out-of-pocket expenses your regular insurance plan does not cover, or suddenly face a critical illness that will require having extra cash on hand? When these life events arise, you can protect yourself and your family with an extra level of defense provided by a supplemental insurance plan.

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