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Protecting What Matters Most


Our Specialists Reveal Hidden PPO Health Insurance Options

20 November 2021

Open Enrollment is here – time to think about whether to renew or choose a new health plan for yourself or your practice.

But choosing a health plan may not be so easy. There are many factors to consider – like cost, deductibles, plan features and restrictions, even the level of service you receive from your agent. On top of that, health insurance today is complicated. Trying to get a handle on all the regulations in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) can be time-consuming and exhausting.

So what if you had help from a health insurance specialist? Someone who could find “hidden” opportunities in the complex regulations?

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Solo But Not Alone: Vital Support for Independent Practitioners

13 November 2021

While group PPO coverage is available to all practice owners, its high cost can put this coveted, more inclusive coverage outside the realm of possibility for smaller practices. Requirements for eligibility also mean that most solo practitioners are only able to access individual or group HMO plans.

Though your practice may be small, to us you’re big. Since its existence, TMA Insurance Trust has committed to working tirelessly for small practices that feel limited in their insurance choices. Our recent efforts have uncovered two special insurance options that could transform coverage for many solo and small, independent practice owners.

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We Help Small Practice Owners With Little Known Health Insurance Options

30 October 2021

If a patient needs specialized care outside of your expertise, you likely wouldn’t hesitate to refer them to a specialist. TMA Insurance Trust has been the “go-to” health insurance specialist for physicians for decades. Last year, we helped over 700 practice owners get quality coverage at a competitive price. This year, once again, we’ve used our specialized skills and experience to uncover a way for physicians to help control their insurance costs and possibly secure better group coverage for themselves and their practice.

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PPO Options That May Surprise Small Practice Owners

29 October 2021

As a practice owner, when one of your patients needs specialized care or advice, you refer them to a physician who specializes in that particular field of medicine. That’s standard procedure.

But what about in your own life? What if you needed advice in an area in which you had limited knowledge? What if, for example, you wanted advice about health insurance? Would you reach out to a “specialist?”

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Practice Owners: Special Health Insurance Options You May Not Be Aware Of

23 October 2021

Life moves fast for small practice owners. Between the responsibilities of running your practice and your family commitments, each day can seem like it never has enough hours in it to get everything done.

So it’s a good bet that in your spare time – what little you have – you’re not poring over the latest iterations of health insurance regulations. Which means you may not be aware of special health insurance options available to you during the small group Special Enrollment Period (11/15 – 12/15, 2021).

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Your Open Enrollment Ally During Difficult Times

16 October 2021

When Open Enrollment begins, you will have access to special health insurance options that may help you secure better coverage for yourself and those in your practice. These options are the best kept secret in the insurance industry. TMA Insurance Trust is here to make sure you know, have access to, and can benefit from these limited time options. We’re also here to help in every step of the enrollment process. We diligently make sure you have the support and information you need to make informed decisions, and our goal is to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible.

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It’s Not Too Late To Get High Quality Group PPO Health Insurance

5 December 2020


Health Insurance Open Enrollment is almost over. If you have not yet finalized your health insurance decisions for a January 1st effective date, it is imperative that you contact us now for assistance. TMA Insurance Trust wants to help you take advantage of important opportunities that are available to you during this limited time. If you contact us right away, we may still be able to help you obtain coverage.

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Practice Owners: Be Ready for Group Health Choices Before Open Enrollment Begins

26 September 2020

This year has been especially challenging for practice owners ... and we don’t need to tell you why. What we do want to make clear is that we can make things a bit easier on you as you’re thinking about group health insurance choices for the coming year.

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