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Protecting What Matters Most


Protect The Ones Who Love You.

We value the life-saving work you do and understand that practicing medicine isn’t just a job. It’s a way of life - one that impacts you and everyone in your life. That’s why TMA Insurance Trust is continually looking for new ways to support member physicians and their families.


Benefits Your Family Can’t Afford To Be Without

As part of your membership, family members, including your parents can also take advantage of an exclusive range of life, health, long-term care and disability insurance programs. Your family also has access to the same licensed insurance advisors that you do. The services are provided to you and your family at no cost and with no obligation.

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Expert Advice. Customized Strategies

Our advisors are highly trained insurance specialists who understand the complex financial issues you and your family face. They will be happy to analyze your current policies and look for ways to save you money and improve your coverage.

Unlike many agents who represent only one carrier and insurance companies who may offer limited choices, TMA Insurance Trust works with over 100 issuers - every major insurance provider in the state. We have access to plans, benefits and rates that other agents do not. Let us create a complimentary customized insurance plan for your family that fits your needs and budget.

Your Family Supports You. Let Us Help You Support Them

TMA Insurance Trust understands that you couldn't stay in this field without the support of your family. This is our way of honoring their commitment to you. Find out more about your special family benefits today. Call us or just fill out the form below and we will create a customized plan for you and your family.

TMA Insurance advisors are fully licensed and work exclusively for TMA and TMA members. Over the past 60 years TMA Insurance Trust has issued nearly 20,000 policies protecting TMA member physicians, their family and medical practice staff. Put us to work for you.

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For over 60 years, TMA Insurance Trust advisors have been serving Texas physicians, their families and staff. TMA Insurance Trust prides itself on offering unbiased information and strategies to members, along with exclusive group rates on a range of the highest-rated plans in the industry.

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