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Protecting What Matters Most


Get a Helping Hand with Your Health Insurance Choices

In the current public health environment, as a physician you undoubtedly agree that having quality health insurance is vital for yourself and your family. At TMA Insurance Trust, we are committed to helping Texas Physicians like you find the right health insurance coverage for your needs - whatever their situation. If you are a practice owner or manager looking for coverage for your practice staff, a physician looking for health insurance for yourself or your family, or a physician approaching or over the age of 65 and are thinking of Medicare options, we can help you choose the right coverage for your needs at the best price available.

Group Health Insurance Options

Though you want your staff to be happy for many reasons, the health of your practice is reason enough to keep your employees content. Offering a quality health insurance plan is one of the most practical ways to increase your practice’s employee retention and their job satisfaction.

Whether you need to secure a group health policy for the first time or your group coverage is up for renewal, you can trust our skilled team with your health insurance needs. We know that shopping for a benefits package can be a time consuming undertaking. Let us remove the burden; work with a hardworking advisor who will thoroughly examine and compare plans, then present your most suitable options. In this way, you’ll minimize your investment of time and make the best decisions. Our goal is to help you find the best possible health insurance coverage at the best possible cost.

We also know that maintaining and servicing a benefits package is often a burden on practice staff. When you work with TMA Insurance Trust, your advisor will be able to shoulder much of the administrative work that comes with your benefits package. He or she will communicate with your group’s contact person on a regular basis and be a hands-on problem solver when you require assistance, even advocating on your behalf with the insurance carrier.

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Individual Health Insurance Options

Outside of health insurance open enrollment, some physicians may qualify for a special ACA enrollment period if they meet certain extenuating circumstances. If any of the following events take place during the year, you can take advantage of a special enrollment period to add family members to your plan:

  • Get married
  • Have a child
  • Adopt a child
  • Become a foster parent
  • Become responsible for child support

Additionally, if you lose your current health coverage during the year due for the following reasons, you can obtain coverage during a special enrollment period:

  • Divorce
  • Loss of dependent status
  • Moving out of state
  • Loss of employer coverage

For those who qualify due to these circumstances, there is a 60-day period for special enrollment from the date of the qualifying event. We can help you make the right choices for health insurance if you qualify for a special enrollment period. If you are not able to take advantage of a special enrollment period or other options won’t work for you, we can help you obtain short-term health insurance coverage as a temporary measure of protection.

Medicare Insurance Options

After you elect to enroll for Medicare Part A and/or B coverage, you still have important decisions to make; should you buy a Medicare Supplement plan and/or a Medicare Part D Prescription plan? Deciding on how best to fill the gaps in your Medicare coverage can be a daunting and time consuming undertaking. You may be able to sort through all the options and do research on your own, but why should you when you have personable, professional help at the ready - at no cost to you?

Physicians like you have a more complex situation than many Americans. This is especially so if you are approaching age 65 and are still in active practice.

You may not plan to retire at 65. Should you still obtain Medicare coverage? How does your current health coverage coincide with Medicare coverage? What will happen to any dependents you may insure on your current plan? It can be draining to explore options so you know exactly what you should do. By enlisting the help of TMA Insurance Trust, we can help you save time and energy.

We’re Always Ready to Help with Health Insurance Choices

Whatever your need for health insurance, TMA Insurance Trust is here to help you. If you have questions about your group coverage benefits, a special enrollment period, or Medicare supplement insurance, our trustworthy advisors can give you solid advice and a helping hand. We have over 60 years of experience in helping Texas physicians with their health insurance needs. We want you to make the right choices for your future, so contact us today for trustworthy assistance.

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For over 60 years, TMA Insurance Trust advisors have been serving Texas physicians, their families and staff. TMA Insurance Trust prides itself on offering unbiased information and strategies to members, along with exclusive group rates on a range of the highest-rated plans in the industry.

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