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Protecting What Matters Most


Women Physicians: Avoid the “Pink Tax” and Save On Disability Insurance

17 October 2020

The rates for you are very likely higher than those paid by your male colleagues.

In some cases, 40% – 50% higher*. This is what some call a “pink tax’ – a surcharge based solely on the fact that you are a woman. Why is this so? Because statistically, insurance companies find women physicians become disabled more than their male colleagues.

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Disability Insurance Rates That Don’t Discriminate Against Women

10 September 2020

As a female physician you’ve worked incredibly hard to be where you are today. Whether you own a thriving practice, or work in a large medical center or hospital, you’ve put in the hours, jumped the hurdles, met the challenges – in short, you’ve paid your dues. So why shouldn’t you be able to get more affordable rates for disability insurance?

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Do Female Physicians Have To Pay More For Disability Insurance Than Male Physicians?

20 April 2019

The long hours of study, the grueling night shifts, the heavy burden of student loans. As a female physician it’s obvious that you have paid your dues to get where you are today. And it goes without saying that you have worked just as hard as your male counterparts to achieve your goals.

So if you were told that your rates would be higher for long term disability insurance than those paid by male physicians – for the same level of coverage – you might be somewhat surprised and more than a little disappointed.

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